While doing the TV junket for Penelope this weekend, I got a chance to sit down with Christina Ricci and talk to her about this heartwarming fairytale. In the film, she plays a young woman cursed with a pig's snout and pig ears. You'll be able to see video from our interview when the film debuts this coming February.

Afterwards, I got a chance to ask her about Speed Racer, a film that she seems rather excited about. She has seen a clip reel that the Wachowski Brothers put together, and says, "Oh, God, it is amazing. I know it sounds kind of cliche to say it looks like nothing you have ever seen before. But that is the truth. They have filmed all of the driving scenes in a new way, and they really exciting. The film also has a great emotional element too it. It is very fun. It will be the true definition of an event movie."

About her character, she told me, "Trixie is a lot like Penelope. She is another great role model for girls. She gets to do all of the same things the boys get to do. She fights, she drives, she even flies a helicopter. I would say that this is the most fun I have ever had on a set. I hope we get to do it again."

So, there will be a sequel? "I hope so. I would do it again in a minute if they asked."

Speed Racer opens May 9th, 2008 in theaters everywhere.