Belfast-born actor Ciarán Hinds stars in the upcoming romantic ghost thriller The Eclipse, which will be in select theaters across the country on March 26th. In the film he plays a widower who is plagued by terrifying apparitions. While chatting with Hinds about his unique role in that film, we also got him to open up about his upcoming participation in two other highly anticipated projects. Ciarán is set to appear in Walt Disney/Pixar's John Carter of Mars and as Albus Dumbledore's younger brother Aberforth in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. Here's what he had to say about both films:

Have you shot John Carter of Mars yet?

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Ciarán Hinds: They are shooting it at the moment. I have a small role in that. I have already shot on it for a couple of days. Then I go back to the set in March to shot for another six or eight days. I'm playing Tardes Mors, one of the leaders of Mars. I am the father of the female protagonist. She is played by Lynn Collins. Andrew Stanton is directing it. He shot Finding Nemo and Wall-E. Those wonderful films. He came to see a play that I was in at the National Theater in London. He had thought of me to play one kind of leader on Mars. It was a thrill to meet him knowing he'd made these classic films. Then he cast me in his next movie. Which has been great. He knows all about animation and computer generated effects. Now he is making a live-action film. I think it is a huge adventure for him. Goodness knows, the conundrums of actually making the film? I don't know about that stuff. It's just a great honor to be in it. To have him want me there.

Is it an all-green screen set? With everything being added in later?

Ciarán Hinds: Apparently so. It is very, very green. They have me off on another adventure in the film that I don't quite understand. And I hope I am of some use to Mr. Stanton.

What has it been like to play Aberforth in the Harry Potter films?

Ciarán Hinds: He is not in it for very long. I must warn you. Again, it was a great thrill just to be in it. He's not that involved in the story. I think he comes in near the very end, where he comes in and saves the gang from being torn apart by Dementors. He actually explains to Harry and Hermione, and Ron, the history of his brother when they were young. Even though he's gotten a few black marks for his behavior. They go through the whole cycle of it. But I'm not sure where that is going to be added to the story. It was a mystery to me why I was thrown into the pot. When I took a look at all of the other actors there, I have to say...I was very thrilled to be a part of it. I don't even know if you'll be able to recognize me in this. Hopefully I will look like Michael Gambon's younger brother. It was great fun to play.

What was it like to step onto that set for the first time?

Ciarán Hinds: It all looked pretty crazy. My major scene took place in a small room. It was a room under the pub that he ran. It was very much contained, the scene that I had to do. Then I had to shoot for two more days, where they had me running around this huge set. It had been ripped apart in a Morlock battle. It was covered with people running around waving a wand in a certain direction. That was the mad part of it that I just had one day on. Last January. Most of the stuff I did in the film was contained in a small room.

What are your feelings towards the announcement that they are going to be releasing the film in 3D? Are you excited to see yourself in IMAX 3D?

Ciarán Hinds: Honestly? I don't hold much of care for 3D. I think it's a passing fad. It came and went in the 60s. I don't see what it adds to the story. To be quite honest. I have seen a few things in 3D, and it didn't involve me anymore than when I saw something in 2D. Here, the story is definitely good enough. I don't get the 3D thing. But that's just me. I see myself in 3D on a daily basis. That isn't something I've been looking forward too.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows Part 1 is in theaters November 19th, 2010. John Carter of Mars wont be in theaters until 2012. But if you're dying to see Ciarán Hinds, his film The Eclipse will be in select theaters March 26th.