Cinnamon, a spoiled Maltese puppy, loves to have her mommy, Madeline, ALL to herself. But there's trouble when Madeline meets the man of her dreams, Kevin. And now Cinnamon has to share her mommy with Kevin and his 13-year-old son, Jordan. They are all in for a dog-gone Hollywood adventure when the crafty little canine goes into overdrive to break this relationship up. With the help of her doggy friends, Cinnamon knows that she will get her way. What she doesn't realize is that having a family might actually be what she is truly looking for! Cinnamon comes to VOD April 12th, and will be on DVD May 8th. We have the exclusive poster for you in the image below. Enjoy Maltese lovers!

Cinnamon DVD Poster

Cinnamon is on DVD May 8th. Watch it early on VOD April 12th.