Cody Simpson discusses remaking the song I Want Candy for Hop

Singer Cody Simpson talks about remaking the song I Want Candy for Hop, which arrives on Blu-ray and DVD March 23.

Singer Cody Simpson, at just 15 years of age, is already drawing comparisons to another young superstar, Justin Bieber. He was discovered in 2009 after his YouTube videos went viral, and released his first single in 2010. The Australian vocalist was also asked to remake the classic song "I Want Candy" by The Strangeloves as the theme song for Universal Pictures' Easter comedy Hop, which debuts on Blu-ray and DVD March 23. Cody Simpson is also showcased on the Hop Blu-ray bonus features in All Access with Cody Simpson, which follows him during his first red carpet experience at the premiere of Hop last year. I recently had the chance to speak with Cody Simpson over the phone, and here's what he had to say.

I'm always curious about the musical side of movies like this. The movie came out last April, so when were you first contacted about performing "I Want Candy" for Hop?

Cody Simpson: I think it was around the very beginning of last year. It all came together very quickly. I was given the opportunity to remake "I Want Candy," and I put a lot of pressure on myself to make sure I lived up to people's expectations of it. It's such a classic song, and I wanted to make sure I created a new, updated, 2011 version of the track.

I thought it was really fun. It gave the song a modern spin, while still retaining the flavor of the song.

Cody Simpson: Thanks.

When you were going in, did you see anything from the movie at all, just to get a feel for the movie before you did the song? Did you see any clips or artwork or anything like that?

Cody Simpson: Yeah, I got to see how the movie looked, the animation and the whole vibe of the movie. I got to see the whole vibe of the movie, and I just wanted to make sure that I matched that, you know? I think we did so, yeah.

In remaking such a classic song like this, was there a lot of feedback from the studio about how they wanted it to sound? Were they bouncing ideas off you a lot, about how they wanted it to sound?

Cody Simpson: I had a lot of my own ideas, as well as what a lot of the producers and everyone had. I thought we mixed them together quite well.

I watched the All-Access featurette with you on the Blu-ray. I believe that was your first red carpet experience. Can you talk about what that whole day was like for you, especially having a camera follow you around the whole time?

Cody Simpson: Yeah, it was quite an experience for me. I've had many of them since then, but it was definitely something new that I had to get used to a little bit. It was kind of strange because it was just after we moved to the States, and we were getting established and working on my music.

What was it like just being so up close and personal with the fans, as opposed to going on stage and performing?

Cody Simpson: It was a new experience, and I love new experiences. It was cool. I brought along a couple of friends, a lot of family members, and we just chilled and watched the movie. It was cool being able to see the movie and hear the song.

Your career is definitely growing as a musical artist, but do you have any ambitions to do any acting? Do you see yourself transitioning into movies at all?

Cody Simpson: Definitely in the future, but not right at this moment. I want to make sure I establish this one thing first. I'll just be working on this album for a little while, making sure that I establish my musical sound and my artistry.

You have a new single out now, and a new album coming out later this summer. Can you talk a bit about how this album might be different than your previous albums, or how your style has evolved?

Cody Simpson: I'm a little more mature this time, especially with this single with T-Pain. There are a lot of dub-step elements to it. I think it's something that my fans will really enjoy, and I think it will broaden my fan base. I just hope to gain respect from a lot of people.

Are you doing a music video for that single, and have you shot it yet?

Cody Simpson: Yes, we shoot it this month. I'll be in L.A. all month working on the music video and other stuff.

I believe you'll also be touring all summer. When does that start, and who are you touring with?

Cody Simpson: I'll be touring with Big Time Rush. They asked me to be a special guest on their summer tour, so I'm doing some things with them. It should be sweet.

After this new album drops, are you going back into the studio again, or are there any other tours or projects you'll be working on after the summer tour?

Cody Simpson: Not directly after. I'll be travelling a lot internationally this year, as well as doing a lot of promotion here in the States. Yeah, I'm just looking forward to a great year.

What would you like to say to fans of yours about why they should check you out on this Blu-ray featurette?

Cody Simpson: Yes, definitely. Honestly, I just think it's an incredible movie. It's a movie for the whole family, not only the kids, but the adults. You have Easter coming up, so it's the perfect timing, I guess.

That's about all I have. Thank you so much, Cody

Cody Simpson: Thank you very much. See you later.

You can watch Cody Simpson on the All-Access featurette in Hop, which debuts on Blu-ray and DVD March 23.