Corey Haim

The iconic actor returns to the big screen in this year's most electrifying sequel

Chev Chelios, the unstoppable man with the indestructible heart, is returning to theater screens on April 17th in the highly anticipated sequel Crank: High Voltage. Along for the ride is legendary teen actor Corey Haim, who is making his first big screen appearance since 1991's Fast Getaway. In the film, Haim plays Eve's associate Randy, one of the many thugs working out of a seedy little strip joint in East Los Angeles. Here, Haim attempts to drop his signature move, "The Hammer!"

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We recently caught up with Corey to find out more about his role in this upcoming thrill ride. Here's what he had to say about his experience on set:

Have you had to drop "The Hammer" on anyone today?

Corey Haim: Not today, man! No. I wasn't wearing my nice jugs shirt. I only drop "The Hammer" when I am wearing that shirt, dude!

What is "The Hammer"? Is that something you came up with? Or is that something Neveldine and Taylor came up with for you?

Corey Haim: That came from Neveldine and Taylor messing around on set. Some of it came from me, I guess. They were talking with me. They hit me with this idea. I asked, "What would I do in this situation?" And they were like, "You would drop the hammer!" They kept telling me to say it back to them, but to put my "spit" on it. I said, "Sure!" No problem. I did it, and now it's the line they are using. For some reason, they really liked it. I like it, too. It's really fun. My character, Randy, is such a hick. Its perfect for him.

You sound a little hesitant about people's love for this one line. Are you afraid of it becoming your trademark? I've already had friends come up to me and say it. I can image it is going to be overused as soon as the film comes out.

Corey Haim: I just watched it. Someone sent me a link. I said, "Are you kidding me?" It's like an Italian-European bootleg Edition.

Someone sent you a link to the whole movie?

Corey Haim: Yes. Well, it's just a preview. It's a little preview. With me in it. And then I saw another scene. It is great stuff. It is all over the place, this movie. If you are going to sit down to watch this movie, you are going to have to put your seat belt on. They invented a camera that is attached to a steering wheel. This movie is so fast paced, we needed two directors. Mark was like the speedy action guy. Brian was the standstill brains guy. Mark has brains, too. They would both grab the camera, and get personal with it as a director. They are exceptional at road boating. They know about this stuff first hand. They were going at about thirty-five miles an hour the entire time. Look at my flashback, which you will see throughout the movie. It is amazing. I only have a little cameo in this thing. That is all.

Did they drag you through any strip clubs and let you get a feel for this guy?

Corey Haim: Heck, we shot this in a real place. That place was definitely real. When you go inside, and you are a man, and I definitely a man, you have to put your blinders on. Which I have always done when it comes to my work. There are women in there that are totally naked. Those are the names they really go by. They are real strippers. It was a very intimate, very powerful, real movie to do. It's so Crank.

About the dream sequence...Are you in the Godzilla dream sequence?

Corey Haim: Um...No. I am not going to tell you. It's just a little flashback of mine. An essence.

In every one of your movies, you always come with the best hair styles. And the haircut in Crank: High Voltage is no exception. Was that your idea, or did Neveldine and Taylor dream that one up for you?

Corey Haim: You know what? It was the boys. My hats off to them, talking about hair. Excuse the pun. But really. My hats off to them. They wanted a hick character. In collaboration, we all did. They preferred a guy with a mullet. They wanted him to be a hick that went beyond Joe Dirt. Which is what I created. I made him a little more futuristic after the fact. That is what I contributed to it. They definitely had a vision in their head about what they wanted for Randy. Which was this guy that really was from the cabbage bush yard. A hick farm boy. That is what they got. A dude that hangs out at the local dumpster bar. He digs the strip club, and he swings with a biker chick. He is wacky over one woman, which is Amy. You know?

Are you Amy's boyfriend in this film?

Corey Haim: I'm not her boyfriend. I am her watcher. I hang out with her. I am like her puppy dog. If that. It is very weird. You will see it when you watch the movie. I am nothing to her, but she is everything to me. Do you understand what I am saying? I am nothing. I am a peon to her. To me, she is a lemon. That is what they call her. Lemon. That is all I want to say about that. We have a weird sort of relationship going on.

I know you had a stunt double, but were you allowed to do any of your own stunts? I saw the part where Amy throws you into the windshield of a car.

Corey Haim: That wasn't me. Actually, this is the first movie I have done in over thirty years where they used real glass. I couldn't believe it. These guys are crazy. The guys that made this. I have been in a lot of films. But nothing that was ever this crazy. It is really a great title. Talk about self-promotion: Crank! It was cranked up, this thing. A guy went through the window of a real car, twice, and cut his arm up pretty bad. They blew him off with the stuff they used to dust of the camera lens. Then they would say action. He would go, do it again, then they would get this thing and blow on the blood so it would stay dry. He had shingles lodged in his arm. He actually went through the glass. This guy was a bad ass. All of the stunts guys were powerful. They would scream, "Let's go for it!" They'd be bleeding. They would look at it and say, "Ah, its just a scratch." I couldn't believe this stuff. I wouldn't have ever thought I'd see someone use real glass in a movie. This thing is high voltage. If you have heart problems, I would not go near the theater. You will feel it virtually, too. The camera work is unbelievable. You will feel what Jason is feeling when he gets cranked up. As an audience member, its like watching Requiem for a Dream. You are really going to feel it. You have to watch this movie!

The music in the movie is pretty amazing, too. It was all done by Mike Patton. Were you a fan of his before coming onto this project?

Corey Haim: Um...No, man. As far as I know, he's someone that I have never really been into. It is a plus sign for the movie. It's never a bad thing. If you remember the music to a movie, then that is a really good soundtrack. I remember the soundtracks to Pretty in Pink, and the Breakfast Club. With me, it would go back, and back, and back...But this music is definitely on a different level. That was back in the 80s. This is futuristic. It is beyond the music in The Transporter, which Jason starred in as well. It is really fast paced. I hope you enjoy this movie. I am the co-star. My name is Randy. I play a hick guy with a mullet that blows Joe Dirt away. I get my ass kicked. And it is cool.

You don't die in the film, though?

Corey Haim: No. Do I die? No. I don't die.

In talking with Neveldine and Taylor, they sound like they might be planning more of these. I have to imagine that your character is going to be a fan favorite. Do you think they are going to bring you back for part three?

Corey Haim: Ah, man. God bless them. I was supposed to be in part one. But things didn't work out. They sure did want me in number one. And I hope they want to bring me back for number three. That would be an honor to do another one of these. That would be awesome. That would be cool. It would be an honor. But these movies are fun! Crank 2? It certainly was an honor to be in it, seeing as how I missed number one. Again, I wish I could have been in it. I hope Crank keeps going, man. I hope it turns out to be a quadtrilogy. (Laughs) I hope you enjoy it. It is fast paced. It has a great story. The characters are unbelievable. The camerawork is dynamic. The soundtrack is smoking. What else could you want in a movie?

Can we talk about your other upcoming projects?

Corey Haim: Sure.

I heard a while back that you and Gary Busey were teaming up for another film? I haven't heard anything about that for a while. What happened with that?

Corey Haim: That was just something we'd talked about for a little while. It was between Gary Busey and myself. It never was a go, or has been a go. It was something that was only being talked about.

You also have a movie called Shark City coming out this summer, right?

Corey Haim: Yes. We actually had that premier already. I went to that with Vivica A. Fox. The boys. The whole group showed up. Again, it's just a co-starring role for me. We had a really great turnout. I have that happening. And I have Crank happening. It is a whirlwind of publicity for both movies. Shark City is just now hitting the festival circuit. It is a pretty great independent film. It has been booked into a whole bunch of theaters. It is going to Sundance, and I think it has been accepted into Toronto. I don't want to misspeak, but I'm pretty sure it is going to go theatrical.

Can you tell me what its about? I haven't heard too much about it yet.

Corey Haim: Yeah, man. I am Chip Davis. I had the lead in that film. But when I showed up, I was too young looking. So they asked me if I wanted to still participate in the movie. I said, "Absolutely. Of course." Now I play a character named Chip Davis. You can't miss me. I have rubber bands in my hair and I'm crazy. It was fun.

With my one last minute, I want to ask you about your artwork. How is that going?

Corey Haim: Thank you. I am working on three paintings at the moment. And they are larger than regular size. I get in the zone every day and do my paintings. I am going to open up a gallery. I will have an opening for my own work. I am about six months away. It will be in Los Angeles. The place I am showing has extra room, and I will be sitting my stuff up there. On opening night, the studio will be dedicated solely to my art. And then I will have my own little corner. It will be in there like a museum, surrounded by everyone else's work. But on opening night, it will be all my own original work.

Are you still doing commissions? Or are you painting what you feel and want at this point?

Corey Haim: I am just having fun with it. I'm like, "Whatever." Whatever comes my way, I will work through it. It is really relaxing for me. If someone wants a painting, they can order a painting. It's the whole thing. It's really cool. People buy a painting, and they hang it on their wall. It's an honor for me to be hanging in their house. It's trippy. That is about it.

Crank: High Voltage opens Friday, April 17th, 2009.