Recently, we brought you the rumor that True Blood actor Joe Manganiello is up for the role of Clark Kent in Zack Snyder's Superman. Supposedly, Smallville's Tom Welling and Superman Returns' Brandon Routh are still being considered as well, although their casting would contradict most of Snyder's previous statements about his film being a complete reboot of the franchise. One actor who has played a super hero for Snyder before is Patrick Wilson, who portrayed Nite Owl in the director's comic book adapted masterpiece Watchmen. He recently appeared as The A-Team's nemesis, Agent Lynch, in the film adaptation of the popular '80s TV series and soon the actor will be seen in the new romantic comedy, Morning Glory, which opens on November 10th and co-stars Rachel McAdams, Harrison Ford and Diane Keaton.

While he was promoting his new movie, actor Patrick Wilson took some time out to speak with us. We began by asking him his thoughts on the choice of Zack Snyder to direct Superman and if he thinks the director is a good fit for the franchise?

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"Well, I think anything is a good fit with him. The thing about Zack is that the guy is the most detailed, focused director that I've worked with. He knows exactly the picture that he wants to paint. Whether it's your taste ... I mean you can find a hundred people that absolutely love Watchmen and then there are people who will say that it is too close to the comic. But whatever, its Zack! He just attacks each film and with every single frame he knows exactly the picture that he wants to paint. So I think its awesome and I think its awesome for the franchise. I loved Superman growing up. I was brought up really on the movies. I was not a comic guy so those movies just defined, especially Superman and Superman II, the super-hero genre for me. Christopher Reeve, you know? So its great to mix it up and I think it is a great move. I think it will just be an awesome spectacle and you know he'll find some great story to tell."

The actor went on to share with us his initial reaction to hearing that Snyder had been given the job.

"When I heard he signed on I called one of my agents and said that I hadn't talked to Zack or anything but that I just wanted to read it. I don't even care if I'm right for anything, I just want to know what he's doing."

Finally, we asked Wilson if there was any character in the Superman universe that he would like to play in the movie ... Clark Kent perhaps?

"Oh man, who knows? I love seeing all the Jon Hamm comments and Jon is like, "What? I'm over forty, this is ridiculous". So I don't know? That is such a big thing, who knows? I remember when Watchmen came around I didn't think I was really age appropriate or right for that but then when I jumped into it I was able to make it work. So who, knows? I would be happy to do anything with Zack again."