Danny Trejo talks Machete KillsEven before the film {0} premiered this past fall, actor {1} and director {2} had already discussed making two sequels to the movie, {3} and {4}. The film, which only cost around $10.5 million to make, has gone on to gross more than $40 million, which almost guarantees that at least the first sequel will be made.

But with both Rodriguez and Trejo's busy schedules, the question remains: When will Machete Kills go in to production?

We recently had a chance to speak with actor Danny Trejo while he was out promoting his latest film, Death Race 2, which will be released on Blu-ray and DVD January 18th, 2011. We took the opportunity to ask Trejo if he thinks that the Machete sequels will actually happen and if Rodriguez has finished writing the first script yet?

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"I asked Robert when he is going to write Machete Kills and he said that it's already written. It was so successful and did so well that you don't want to get off a good horse."