Without a doubt one of the biggest hits of the year has got to be Toy Story 3. Not only did the film open to rave reviews, and will probably be a top Oscar contender, but it went on to earn over $1 billion worldwide and break several box office records in the process. So it would only make sense that Pixar, and their parent company Disney, would be planning a Toy Story 4, right? Well, as it turns out ... that may not be the case.

We recently caught up with Toy Story 3 producer, Darla K. Anderson, while the Los Angeles Producers Guild of America and Women In Film were honoring her for her body of work. We began by asking Anderson if Toy Story 4 was being considered? "You know we have no plans for it at this point," she answered. Surprised by her reply, we followed up by confirming that there are no current plans to make a forth film. "No we're really not. We really worked hard at bringing Toy Story 3 to a conclusion," she said.

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While many fans will surely be brokenhearted to hear that the popular film series has come to a conclusion, fear not because you haven't seen the last of those loveable toys! "We do have the short films that we are working on because we love the characters so much and want to keep them alive," said Anderson. "One of the short films will be on the front of Cars 2 next summer," she continued. "It's a short film with the Toy Story characters and you'll see a lot of the old favorites and stuff." We followed up by asking if the short film will take place after the events of Toy Story 3? "We can't talk too much about it but it involves all the new Toy Story 3 character and the classic characters too," Anderson teased. "So it's very cool but there are no plans for a Toy Story 4 at this point," she reiterated.

Since she mentioned it, and was a producer on the original movie, we asked Anderson if she is involved at all with the upcoming Cars 2? "I'm not involved with it primarily but we are all involved in terms of how collaborative we all are, how we each love each others projects and like to help each other out. But I'm not primarily involved," she said. Finally, we asked Anderson if Cars 2 was in fact on track for its release next summer? "Oh yes it's on track," she replied. "Its very cool and very exciting. I love those characters and can't wait. It's a great story," she finished.

Toy Story 3 is now available on Blu-ray Combo Pack and DVD.