I recently had the chance to speak with writer-director Darren Stein about the Blu-ray release of Jawbreaker, which is currently on high-def shelves now. We also got to talking about future projects, including a new movie he's writing about a coven of witches, set in today's media age. Here's what he had to say about the project below.

"I'm actually writing a film right now, which is about a coven of witches. It definitely feels like something new since it deals with media and reality TV. It's sort of like picking something that's mythic and supernatural and wanting to be famous and bringing it into the media age where the Kardashians exist. People are famous for being on TV and, perhaps not doing much. I don't want to tell you exactly what it is, because I feel the idea is still fresh, and I don't want to put it out in the press yet, exactly what it is. It's pretty high-concept, though. It's like Scream meets Black Swan (Laughs). It's got sort of a melodrama, girl-on-girl conflict of Black Swan, and the snarky, modern-day media references that Scream had."

He is also directing a unique project entitled Chalet Girls, which is based on the young-adult novel series by Emily Franklin, and will be distributed through a unique online platform.

"I'm also doing a movie called Chalet Girls, based on a young adult novel. It's going to be shot like a feature film, and it will be distributed in 10-minute increments on the web. We haven't cast it yet. We're shooting it in November and December, so we'll be casting that probably in October. It's basically about these 20-something girls who go to work at a family's chalet at a fancy ski resort. It's sort of like Gossip Girl in the snow (Laughs)."

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