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During the next week MovieWeb will be bringing you exclusive content from The Sundance Channel's Festival Dailies, hosted by Jay Mohr.

Today we've got 2 exclusive Filmmaker Profiles from The Sundance Channel's Festival Dailies, hosted by Jay Mohr.


Craig Brewer's Hustle and Flow tells the story of Djay, a Memphis hustler who spends most days in his parked Chevy philosophizing about life, while runaway Nola turns tricks in the backseat. He's not very good at pimping, but he can hustle almost anything or anyone and makes enough to keep him and his three girls fed and housed in his shotgun house. DJay's in the midst of a mid-life crisis; he harbors dreams of recording his flow and becoming a respected rapper.

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Emmy Award-winning writer, producer and director, Alex Gibney delves into the Enron scandal with his documentary film, Enron: The Smartest Guys in the Room.

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Catch more filmmaker profiles January 24 - 29 at 9:00PM ET during FESTIVAL DAILIES, nightly updates from the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. Only on Sundance Channel.


Sundance Channel brings the fun, filmmakers and festivities of the Sundance Film Festival from the snowy slopes of Park City into your living room. In Show Two, we visit with Jib-Jab (the two-brother company that came up with the internet political parody “This Land is Your Land”) to see how they made this year’s Festival trailer. And we report on some husband-wife teams who work together with out killing each other… at least not yet. Then we get to know Marc Levin, who won the 1998 Grand Jury Prize and now returns with a very personal story about his own struggle to bring together Jewish and African American communities. Host Jay Mohr sits down with a round table of festival stars and Alan Cumming gets close and personal with a festival director and actor. PUNK’D’s Whitney Cummings penetrates Park City to take the festival’s temperature, while MR. SHOW’s Bob Odenkirk gives his own film studies refresher course on the street. Plus profiles of six filmmakers in this year’s documentary and dramatic film competition, including actor turned director Steve Buscemi.

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