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All this week MovieWeb will be bringing you exclusive content from The Sundance Channel's Festival Dailies, hosted by Jay Mohr.

Today we've got 2 exclusive Filmmaker Profiles from The Sundance Channel's Festival Dailies, hosted by Jay Mohr.


Dan Klores and Ron Berger discuss their documentary Ring of Fire: The Emilie Griffith Story that tells the story of Griffith, 23, a carefree, impoverished immigrant from the Caribbean who became a six-time world boxing champion.

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Catch more filmmaker profiles January 24 - 29 at 9:00PM ET during FESTIVAL DAILIES, nightly updates from the 2005 Sundance Film Festival. Only on Sundance Channel.


Sundance Channel brings the fun, filmmakers and festivities of the Sundance Film Festival from the snowy slopes of Park City into your living room. Show Three speaks to some Hollywood heavies, like Kevin Costner and Pierce Brosnan, who accepted some very unglamorous roles to be in independent films. We’ll introduce you to some Park City locals who stick around long after the Festival has pulled up stakes. Also we learn how a star is manufactured as we track this year’s “IT” kid, Lou Taylor Pucci, going from premieres to photo shoots. Host Jay Mohr sits down with a round table of festival stars and Alan Cumming gets close and personal with a festival director and actor. PUNK’D’s Whitney Cummings penetrates Park City to take the festival’s temperature, while MR. SHOW’s Bob Odenkirk gives his own film studies refresher course on the street. Plus profiles of six filmmakers in this year’s documentary and dramatic film competition.

The Sundance Channel brings the signature Sundance mix of snow, celebrities and cutting-edge independent cinema into your living room on “Festival Dailies,” a week of exclusive evening reports from Park City, Utah, hosted by actor and comedian Jay Mohr with actor Alan Cumming from the Sundance Channel Studio. This fully operational productionstudio runs entirely on Power Mac G5s running the Apple Production Suite — Final Cut Pro, Motion and DVD Studio Pro.

The updates aim to deliver all of the daily excitement of the world’s premiere independent film festival, providing coverage of the most talked-about premieres, actors and filmmakers, with none of the usual festival problems (weather, parking, access).

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