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All this week MovieWeb will be bringing you exclusive content from The Sundance Channel's Festival Dailies, hosted by Jay Mohr.

Today we've got 2 exclusive Filmmaker Profiles from The Sundance Channel's Festival Dailies, hosted by Jay Mohr.


Phil Morrison discusses his feature debut Junebug about a southern expatriate George, his new wife Madeleine, a dealer in regional outsider art, and the culture clash that ensues as they visit George's family in North Carolina.

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Tim Kirkman discusses his film Loggerheads, with a plot that interweaves three stories over three Mothers Days over a three year time period in the three geographical regions of North Carolina.

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Sundance Channel brings the fun, filmmakers and festivities of the Sundance Film Festival from the snowy slopes of Park City into your living room. Show Four consider a truly international filmmaker, Ziad Doueri, a Lebanese filmmaker who worked with Quentin Tarantino and who is at the Festival with a French film about an Arab couple. We spend some time with WireImage’s Jeff Vespa as he snaps the stars, and we’ll go under the radar to sneak into some of the festival’s most fascinating hangouts Host Jay Mohr sits down with a round table of festival stars and Alan Cumming gets close and personal with a festival director and actor. PUNK’D’s Whitney Cummings penetrates Park City to take the festival’s temperature, while MR. SHOW’s Bob Odenkirk gives his own film studies refresher course on the street. Plus profiles of seven filmmakers in this year’s documentary and dramatic film competition.

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