During last night's Hollywood party for the Blu-ray and DVD release of X-Men: First Class, I got to speak with young actor Denzel Whitaker on the red carpet. Denzel Whitaker stars in the upcoming thriller Abduction, portraying Gilly, the best friend of Taylor Lautner's main character, Nathan. Here's what he had to say about Abduction on the red carpet.

"Gilly is Taylor Lautner's character's best friend in the film. Taylor's character, Nathan, sort of gets into some trouble, where he sees his picture on a missing persons website. That sort of spawns the whole action throughout the movie. Basically, my character is the one dude he can trust, his best friend, he knows he's not going to turn on him."

I told him that when I first heard about the movie, that I had this thought in my head that he Nathan was kidnapped at birth by who he thinks are his parents. After watching the trailers, TV spots, and clilps for Abduction, the thriller is actually much bigger than all of that. I asked Denzel Whitaker about his reaction to the story when he first read it.

"I actually had the same thought, because of the name Abduction. You think he's going to get abducted or whatnot. They don't stray too far away from that because they drag you on like, 'Is he going to get kidnapped or abducted?' There is still that element to it."

When I asked what was next for him, the 21-year-old actor revealed that he has taken an interest in directing.

"I'm actually doing some directing right now. Earlier this year I took off to do some music videos and I'm putting together some shorts with a company I just formed called Mononoke Entertainment. Also, I'm going to direct my first feature, hopefully by the end of next year. We're going through the second revisions of the script right now. I didn't co-write it, but I am heavily involved. I am very close with the writer, so, every step of the way, I'm there. It's called Killing Familiar. It's about these three teenagers who accidentally manslaughter somebody. We sort of see the trials and tribulations of how it breaks down their relationships."

Despite his heavy involvement in this directorial endeavor, Denzel Whitaker said he doesn't want to act in his directorial debut, although he does have an actor in mind to star in Killing Familiar.

"I don't want to act in it, for my first project out. I'd rather craft it the best I can and leave the acting to the side. But, I'm interested in Josh Hutcherson. We're going to reach out to him in a few months. The funny thing is, he likes NASCAR and that's what our character likes, so he might see himself in the character."