Director D.J. Caruso began his career directing some of the most popular shows on television including Dark Angel, Smallville and The Shield. He soon moved on to film work and gained attention for directing high-profile movies like The Salton Sea with Val Kilmer, Taking Lives with Angelina Jolie and Two For the Money with Al Pacino. But it was his collaborations with producer Steven Spielberg and actor Shia LaBeouf on Disturbia and Eagle Eye, which has made him one of the top directors in the business.

At one point, Caruso was supposed to be working on a big screen adaptation of writer Brian K. Vaughan's extremely popular Vertigo comic book, Y: The Last Man with LaBeouf in the lead role. He is also said to be attached to a big screen adaptation of the video game Dead Space, and there have even been some rumors of a film version of The Shield, which he could possibly direct. We recently had a chance to speak with D.J. Caruso and we asked the popular director to give us a status update on all of these projects.

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We began by asking Caruso if he is still involved with Y: The Last Man?

"I love, love, love that project. I think the biggest problem for me was I saw it as a trilogy. I didn't think that you could take Yorick's story and put it in to a two-hour movie and do it justice. That was sort of the difference. I think that New Line, working with Warner Bros. in their new relationship, just felt reluctant thinking that we can't leave this thing open. If you are familiar with the comic book you know it's just mind-boggling. If you look at what my buddy Frank Darabont did with The Walking Dead you think, I don't know is that the best thing for it? Because there is just so much great stuff, so no I'm not involved with that anymore. Although I wouldn't rule it out completely. It's one of those things where if someone came back to me and said, okay we believe in your vision of the movie, then I would definitely jump back in but I don't anticipate that happening. It's a tough screenplay to lick and we had some very good writers. But it was like you had to convince the studio that this movie could stand alone on its own. But at the same time there would be unresolved issues ultimately with what happens to Yorick and how it all ties together. It's really tough. If someone came back to me today and said they would love for me to jump in and do this the way I wanted to do it, I would. But I just feel like it's too much for one screenplay. I'm not involved with that now."

We continued by asking the director about the status of Dead Space?

"Dead Space we are still trying to lick. It's a great concept; it's a great game. We're dealing with it in sort of a prequel way to tell the story. I've been so busy that I haven't really had time to hammer it out but it is something that I'm very interested in. I definitely don't think it will be next (for me) but I would like to get to it in the future."

Finally, there have been rumors of a possible The Shield movie ever since the show finished its seventh season in 2008. So we decided to ask Caruso, who directed several episodes of the series, if he would be interested in directing a film version of the show?

"I've never talked about the movie with them but I love Shawn Ryan and I love Michael Chiklis. The Shield by far is the best television experience ever and I loved being an early part of that show. I loved doing that show. I've been trying to work with Shawn ever since but I did get to work with Michael once. I love those guys. I would get back and shoot that because the great thing about The Shield was really just strapping on a camera and shooting the show. Vic Mackey is a timeless character and he's such a flawed hero. That was the most beautiful thing about it."