During our recent exclusive interview with Prison Break actor Dominic Purcell, we discussed his new horror film Primeval as well as the recent rumors everyone has been hearing about the actor portraying The Incredible Hulk in the purposed remake...

What do you have coming up next? There was talk of you doing The Incredible Hulk...?

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Dominic Purcell: Well, The Hulk rumors were just that, they were rumors. No one, my agents, whatever... we hadn't heard from Marvel or anyone. I'm not sure how that started.

I'm about to do a movie with Joel Schumacher called Town Creek. It's funny, another kind of horror movie. It's not that I actively seek out these horror movie roles, they seem to be following me around. I'm very excited to do this movie. It's a great script, great story and working with Joel Schumacher... one of the legends of Hollywood it's a huge step up for me. I'm very, very grateful.

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