Doug Bradley talks Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines

Doug Bradley discusses playing Maynard in Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines, debuting on Blu-ray and DVD October 23

Straight-to-DVD franchises have seen a resurgence of late, with sequels to The Lost Boys, The Scorpion King, and Death Race finding strong core audiences on Blu-ray and DVD. Fox Home Entertainment has one of the most successful franchises with the Wrong Turn sequels, featuring the cannibalistic brothers One Eye, Saw Tooth, and Three Finger slashing their way into the hearts of horror fans everywhere. The latest installment is Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines, arriving on Blu-ray and DVD October 23, with the addition of horror icon Doug Bradley joining the cast. I recently had the chance to speak to the actor, best known for portraying Pinhead in the Hellraiser series, about his role as Maynard, and much more. Here's what he had to say.

I was curious if you had been following this franchise at all, and if you could talk about your first interactions with this series?

Doug Bradley: I remember seeing the first movie. It would not be true to say that I have been closely following the franchise from there on. In a way, I was kind of glad that I didn't, because Maynard, the character I play in Wrong Turn 5, has absolutely nothing to do with anything else that has been going on in the movies. It matched the path of Maynard, so that kind of worked for me. Wrong Turn 4: Bloody Beginnings is effectively the first movie, and Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines is effectively the second film, so it's kind of a sequel to the first prequel, if you follow that (Laughs). That all worked out pretty well for me, approaching it as an actor.

I see you did some makeup effects work in your early career. I was wondering what you felt about that aspect of this movie?

Doug Bradley: The makeup for me was just cuts and bruises for this one. It's always interesting for me to watch someone like Roxanne McKee, who played the leader. She had the blind eye makeup, and it's always interesting to watch other actors go through that process. It's quite nice to know you only have a brief visit to the makeup chair, instead of being locked in there for hours.

Can you talk a bit about where you shot this? I was on the set of the fourth movie, way up north in Winnipeg during the winter. How did this location add to the feel of the production?

Doug Bradley: We were in Bulgaria. We were based in Sofia, the capital city, and a great deal of it was shot in the studio there. There was a fair amount of work done on location. Bulgaria has a beautiful countryside, and not a very populated countryside, so you can get yourself lost in the wilderness pretty quickly. We were deep in the woods, doubling for West Virginia. The locations were all fine.

Declan O'Brien has directed the last three of these movies, and the franchise has really taken off since then. Can you talk a bit about working with him on the set, and what really stood out to you about how he directs?

Doug Bradley: I was not really familiar with Declan's work. He was casting from tape back in Los Angeles, and I auditioned for it, originally in London. I didn't actually meet him until I arrived in Sofia. I got along with him really well, straight away. I think we had a really good working relationship. Part of the answer to how he works is fast, and that's a necessity, because we were not blessed with an enormous shooting schedule. You have to rise to that, as an actor. You have to know your lines, be ready, be prepared to hit the ground running when you get on set. I think we struck up a good working relationship. I hope he thinks that, because I certainly do. It was all good.

There are a lot of up and coming young actors cast around you in this one. Can you talk about sharing the set with them and what you thought about their performances?

Doug Bradley: Yeah, Roxanne McKee gave a great performance, but everybody did. Simon (Ginty), Oliver (Hoare), Andrew (Bone), Amy (Lennox), Paul (Luebke), I got along great with all of them. I had only a few scenes with them. Most of my scenes were concentrated with Roxanne and Camilla (Arfwedson). Everybody was committed to the project, and I really enjoyed working with all of the cast.

I know the project is essentially dead, but were you involved in the Hellraiser remake at all? Were you looking forward to that at all?

Doug Bradley: It's been five years since I first caught wind of Dimension's plans to remake the first movie. I don't know anything about it. They don't tell me anything. I'd be very happy if it never happened. I hate the whole remake climate that has taken root in Hollywood at the moment. I would be very happy if this proposed remake never saw the light of day, but I don't know what the plans are for that, at the moment.

Great. That's my time. Thank you so much. It was great talking to you.

Doug Bradley: You're welcome. Thank you.

You can watch Doug Bradley as Maynard in Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines, arriving on Blu-ray and DVD October 23.