Earlier this week, /marvel-studios-plans-to-scale-down-their-films/we reported on a news story claiming that Marvel Studios is planning to make smaller budgeted films, reportedly in the $20 million - $40 million range, with their lesser known characters. This will happen after their string of current string big budget movies are released. With Iron Man 2 just a few weeks away, Thor and Captain America: The First Avenger in various stages of production and The Avengers on the horizon, it does make sense that the studio would begin to look at the pantheon of characters it has at its disposal to begin production on after these other films are released. However, in this economic market it only makes sense that Marvel's lesser characters would have smaller budgeted films. Among the characters mentioned in the article were Doctor Strange, Ka-Zar, Luke Cage, Power Pack and Dazzler.

Yesterday, we had a chance to sit down with Marvel Studios President of Production, Kevin Fiege, while he was out promoting Iron Man 2. We asked Fiege if he could elaborate on the story that came out earlier in the week.

"We haven't talked budget yet, we never start talking budget. We start talking story," explained Fiege. "But certainly we are looking at the next wave. We are going to do two films a year starting in 2011. What is our post Avengers film in 2013 or 2014? There are a lot of characters and meetings going on right now."
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We continued by asking Fiege if the new proposed films would also take place in the "Marvel Film Universe" that has been created for the current line of movies?

"It could be both I would say. I'm not sure that we will always point out specifically that they do take place in this universe. But on the other side, I don't think we'll go out of our way to say they don't." He said. "For instance, Runaways probably is in this universe but they aren't going to be running into Tony Stark or Nick Fury. Nick Fury doesn't just show up in every room," Fiege joked.

We followed that by asking if it were possible that these films could exist in the "Marvel Film Universe" but not necessarily tie into the other movies?

"Yes. By the way, just like in the comics," Fiege replied.

Finally, we wanted to confirm the Marvel characters that the studio is looking at bringing to the big screen. In the earlier story one of the characters mentioned was Dazzler, a '70s disco-era character that can turn sound into light and was a member of the X-Men. Since the X-Men and all their characters are owned by 20th Century Fox we wanted to find out how Marvel Studios was planning on making a film based on that character?

"That's Fox. Yeah, I didn't see that (in the article). That's not us, unless Fox is doing it," answered Fiege.

We told Fiege about the other characters mentioned in the article including Power Pack, Luke Cage, Dr. Strange and Ka-Zar, to get his conformation if Marvel Studios is actually considering those characters as well for future films?

"All that is right except Dazzler," Fiege confirmed.