One of the biggest buzz-worthy titles to come out of the Sundance Film Festival in January was director Craig Zobel's Compliance. This gripping drama is based on a true story, although most will be shocked by that aspect once the full tale unfolds. The plot centers on Becky (Dreama Walker), a young employee at a Chickwich fast food restaurant whose life gets upended by a single phone call. The store manager Sandra (Ann Dowd) receives a call from an "Officer Daniels" (Pat Healy), who accuses Becky of stealing money from a customer. Sandra keeps following the officer's orders to a T, despite how bizarre and unethical they are, in this tale that offers a haunting look at society's response to authority. I recently sat down with Dreama Walker and Pat Healy to discuss this critically-acclaimed drama, opening in New York City August 17th (CLICK HERE for the list of cities it will expand to in the coming weeks). Take a look at our exclusive video interview to see what they had to say.