"If they could film Hell, this would be it!" Quickly following DV's successful run on the film festival circuit, director Evan Jacobs (Orange County Hardcore Scenester, Knockout and the upcoming Distant Shore) returns with DV 2, the second chapter of his haunting franchise, which follows a killer and his trunk of despair as he quickly sinks into the depths of human frailty and dementia. We have your exclusive first look at this unique horror experience, followed by some words from the man himself about the intent behind this 'sequel' and when we can expect to see both movies released later this year.

Director Evan Jacobs explains the direction he wanted to take with this follow-up, which was shot less than a year after the original movie.

"I love it when a movie comes out and then the sequel appears, and it is totally different than the original. I guess that's why I love Halloween III: Season of the Witch so much. In DV, I wanted to show you a guy that was basically killed by his own paranoia...Even though that paranoia was VERY real. In DV 2, I wanted to take that idea but show you somebody who could be standing next to you in line. I am fascinated by human behavior. I am even more fascinated by the lives we lead when we are alone. I also wanted to tap a little bit into the extreme. I think if you took The Human Centipede II (Full Sequence) and Trash Humpers you would have DV 2."

He then went onto explain more about the impending release date for both the orginal and this new entry.

"Cinema Epoch plans to do it in a very interesting way in March or early April. Originally, the plan was for DV to come out in September. Then I told Greg, the owner, 'I think I can do the sequel sooner than expected.' This lead to us deciding to release both films together...Or at least very close to one another. Either way, however Greg and his team do it, it is going to be very unique!"

No firm release date has been announced, but expect to see both films this spring. And remember to bring your rain jacket.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange