First there was V/H/S, and then came V/H/S/2 (formerly known as S-VHS), now comes DV the next evolution in technology for documentary-loving serial killers everywhere. From the mind of Evan Jacobs, creator of Knockout, the music documentary Orange County Hardcore Scenester, and the soon to be released Distant Shore starring Randy Couture and Scott Adkins, DV follows the mind of a killer whose secret life is slowly starting to unravel as he captures it all on his personal DV camera. We have the first exclusive clip from the film, which finds James (Evan Jacobs), in a moment of crisis, venturing to a graveyard where he thinks some of his victims are buried.

V/H/S/2 recently changed its title from S-VHS. Some speculate that its because now, with DV garnering good word of mouth on the festival circuit, they won't be able to use DV as the title of their third film. Evan Jacobs welcomes the comparisons but doesn't believe there should be any controversy.

"V/H/S was groundbreaking in its ability to expand the ideas of what horror movies could become using VHS as the medium. I am sure that V/H/S/2 will continue that and hopefully DV will be seen as a film in it's own right."

Is DV the first mock-buster of the found footage movement in cinema? The movie is slated for release later this year.