During a recent phone call with horror guru Eli Roth about his upcoming guest judging stint on Fox's Reality Show On the Lot, Roth sounded off about a bevy of projects he has percolating around him.

How is Cell coming along? Any thoughts on when you might start shooting that?

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Eli Roth: Right now, I literally, this weekend, I just got back from Europe doing International Press for Hostel: Part II. That was on Saturday that I landed. Cell is a little bit away. I'm gonna have to take some time and decompress and just unwind a little bit and start some time in, probably, 2008.

Are you still planning on doing a movie of fake trailers?

Eli Roth: Yeah, Trailer Trash. I definitely want to do Trailer Trash. I'm not certain which I want to do next. It will either be Cell or Trailer Trash. Probably, Trailer Trash is my gut, because Trailer Trash I can actually get going this year. It's not a bad idea to exercise that side of my brain.

I gotta ask, what about Thanksgiving?

Eli Roth: You see, I have to make sure the movie lives up to the trailer. When we shot the trailer we thought, no movie would ever be as funny as this trailer. I'd like to do it. That would be like a side project between movies. Almost as an experiment, but I'd only do it if I could do it as a double bill with Edgar Wright and Don't. We'd have to do it as like 2, 45 minute movies and we'd have to set it the way Dogme '95 had rules, or Dogcrap 2005, where you only get one take, you can't rehearse anything, I'd have to really shoot it ultra low budget and if I'm shooting a scene in a high school, then everyone in the high school has to be at least 25 years old. I'm 35 so I'd play a senior. (Laughs)

Have you seen a cut of Rob Zombie's Halloween?

Eli Roth: No, but I've been emailing with Rob and he's psyched about it. I can't wait to see it because, man, did I love The Devil's Rejects.

On the Lot will air at 8 pm Tonight on Fox.