Sexy and shrewd Amanda Derieux has roamed the world for 1,200 years, romancing kings, cavorting with thieves, and using her preternatural street smarts to evade the blades of countless evil Immortals. Now, she has teamed up with freelance security expert Nick Wolfe, putting her high-octane arsenal of charisma and sassy, good looks into full force to charm, confound and, when necessary, destroy Immortals bent on evil in Highlander: The Raven™. Classic HIGHLANDER® flourishes like flashbacks, beautifully choreographed sword duels and electrifying Quickenings abound in the dazzling new Highlander: The Raven DVD Collection.

Recently, MovieWeb got a chance to sit down with the lovely Elizabeth Gracen, star of the series, to talk about the show and this magnifcent DVD release!


Movie PictureCelebrating all 22 daring and provocative episodes in the high-action HIGHLANDER spin-off series, the Highlander: The Raven DVD Collection beautifully preserves Elizabeth Gracen's smart and captivating portrayal as the morally conflicted Amanda and her incredible adventures with hunk detective Wolfe (Paul Johansson).

The nine-disc set of Highlander: The Raven comes jam-packed with newly created Bonus Materials. Each disc boasts behind-the-scenes audio and video commentary from cast and crew, including Gracen and Johansson, plus detailed Cast Bios, Production Notes, Scripts, a Photo Gallery and a hilarious Blooper Reel. Presented in state-of-the-art digitally re-mastered 5.1 Dolby Digital Surround Sound, Highlander: The Raven arrives June 14, 2005 with a priced-to-own SRP of $89.98.

Launched with the riveting series opener, "Reborn," Amanda and Nick wind their way through a pulse-pounding set of plot-twisting tales, culminating with the shocking series finale, "Dead on Arrival," where Amanda finally reveals to Nick the truth behind their tension-filled relationship. With its sexy episodes and exceptional extra features, Highlander: The Raven is a guaranteed collector's item for fans of the epic HIGHLANDER legend and all devotees of the action-fantasy genre.

Highlander: The Raven on DVD includes all 22 Immortal Episodes and hours of action-packed bonus materials:

- Interviews with Cast and Crew

- Audio Commentaries

- Photo Gallery

- Blooper Reel

- CD-ROM features including:

-- Scripts

-- Bios

-- Production notes and Storyboards

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