Ellie Kemper Talks Bridesmaids 2 and 21 Jump Street

Ellie Kemper discusses her time spent on the set of Jonah Hill's latest comedy, and hopes to work with Kristin Wiig again sometime in the near future

Bridesmaids was one of the biggest comedies of the summer, becoming hugely popular with both men and women. Ellie Kemper stars in the movie as one of the Bridesmaids in question, and as sales of the Bridesmaids Blu-ray and DVD continue to heat up this week, we caught up with the actress to chat with her about the film and its potential sequel.

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About working with Kristen Wiig and the rest of the cast once again, Ellie Kemper, who plays the innocent Disney World loving Becca in the film, had this to say.

"I hope. I really, really hope that happens. I think this group of ladies is so unique. I feel so lucky to have worked with them. It would be a dream. Unfortunately, the call to make a sequel is not in my hands. I hope that whoever is in charge does decide it's the right thing, and that we get to do it. Again, like I said, the whole spirit on set was just so generous, and really fun. I think it's a unique thing to happen in moviemaking. There were no egos, no divas, no nothing. My dream is to be involved in another movie with these ladies. But I have heard nothing. If you hear anything, please let me know."

Ellie Kemper, who many also know as Erin on The Office, will next be seen in the big screen version of 21 Jump Street. She told us a little bit about her role in this upcoming action comedy.

"I love this character. Her name is Ms. Griggs. Becca, who I play in Bridesmaids, and Erin, who I play on The Office, are a little bit nutty in their own way. But this teacher is legitimately crazy. She gets a crush on a student that is played by Channing Tatum. Hello? Of course she is going to develop a crush on him. She is there to fill out the story a little bit. It was a lot of fun. She is a young, inspired teacher. She is very passionate about transforming young people's minds. But she loses it in the presence of this heartthrob."

The actress wouldn't reveal if she gets romantically involved with Channing Tatum's police detective, who has gone undercover at a New Orleans high school. This is all she would reveal.

"I can't give anything away! There are some sparks. I'll say that."

Ellie Kemper then talked about the experience of returning to high school for 21 Jump Street.

"I have been out of high school for a while. It is so weird. I can't imagine it. There is such an elevated level of teasing and bullying, now that there are these different digital contraptions with which to do it. We shot the film in New Orleans. You know how high school just has a high school smell? I love that. I walked in there, and it took me back, instantly. Its, like, damp library books. I don't know...And stale hot dogs from lunch. I love that smell. That brought me back right away. Of course, a lot of the actors in the movie were still in high school. I think a lot of them were from New Orleans. They were so young. They really make you feel old. A lot of time, on TV, the actors don't look like they are in high school. You forget that. When you meet someone that is actually in high school, you are like, "Oh, right. I am very old!" (Laughs) I forgot!"

The one thing Ellie Kemper regrets about the movie is that she wasn't featured in more of the action scenes.

"I wish! I wasn't. Reading the script, I saw everything they got to do. There were these elaborate car chases, and stunts. I didn't get to do any of them. Because I wasn't involved in any of them. But I cannot wait to see them. The way these writers depicted these scenes? Its crazy. There are going to be car chases. It will be exciting. Yeah. You have to remember, 21 Jump Street, as a TV show...It was a drama. The scenes I shot for the movie? They weren't dramatic. I am excited to see how all of this comes together."