The co-writer talks about how Louis Lombardi's will and enormous drive finally got the movie made

Over the summer a low budget movie titled Dough Boys was shot on location in the Bronx, New York. The film is a slice of life comedy that serves up the story of Lou and Frank, two Bronx brothers running the family bakery. Faced with Lou's gambling problem the shop is about to be taken from them by the neighborhood gangster, in which his brother has no idea. The fate of this local landmark hangs like a "pie in the sky". Will it be a sweet dream, or a nightmare?

Written and Directed by Louis Lombardi (24, The Sopranos), the film also stars Vincent Pastore (The Sopranos, Shark Tale), Andrew Keegan (10 Things I Hate About You) and Mike Starr (Goodfellas, The Black Dahlia).

In an interesting twist of fate, this movie was also written by Evan Jacobs who is a staff writer for this website. He and Louis met back at Sundance in 1999 and after writing one other script together they decided to take a crack at something a little different.

"At first this was going to be a one act play." Jacobs states. "So I wrote one in about five days. Then two weeks later Louie called me and said, 'Bud, people are going crazy for this thing. There's this company that wants to make it into a feature.'"

After the typical gestation period in which an independent film goes through many backers (and rewrites), it would be six more years until Louis was able to realize his dream of shooting this movie in the Bronx.

"Louie and I rewrote the script a bunch of times and we even wrote another script based on the Lou and Frank characters! There was even a big period where Louie was working with another writer and he would call me and tell me what was going on. Then one day I got a call from him and he said that these guys from New York wanted to make the script in the Bronx. They didn't want to make any real changes to the script and Louie wanted to shoot the version he and I wrote. Interestingly, during this whole time the script never really had a name. It was just, The Untitled Lou and Frank Project."

After a few more rewrites, Louis got the production together and they wrapped only a few weeks ago in the Bronx.

"This is great!" Jacobs laughs. "Over the course of getting this movie made he and I have become really good friends, he's gotten married, I've written a bunch of other things and seen other projects get made, he's done work on some of the biggest TV shows... but with him it would always come back to this script. That's how I knew that it would get made. I never lost faith that Louie would make it happen."

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