We've got some exclusive pictures and information on what will be included on the special extended 4-disc edition of Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring DVD hitting store shelves November 12th!

Here's what we found out from our friends at Newline:

On November 12th, 2002 Lord Of The Rings: The Fellowship Of The Ring will be released as a 4-disc special extended edition DVD which will integrate approximately 30 minutes of extra footage never-before seen, into the original theatrical release. Check out some exclusive info we found about about what's being included:

What can viewers expect from the 3 and a half hour immersion into Middle Earth??? WE'VE GOT THE ANSWERS!!! Here's what's to be expected...check out the stills!!! (Click to enlarge)

• Galadriel's Gif-Giving Scene. As the elves prepare to leave Lothlorien, Elf Queen Galadriel bestows a special gift upon each of the nine members of the Fellowship.

• Bilbo Baggins writing a journal entry entitled "Concerning Hobbits," which serves as a history of the Hobbits and their bucolic lifestyle.

• A new introduction of loyal Hobbit Sam Gamgee.

• More footage from the Prancing Pony Inn, with Peregrin "Pippin" Took, and Meriadoc "Merry" Brandybuck happily singing Hobbit songs.

• Sam & Frodo witnessing the stately Exodus of the Elves on the road to Bree.

• Aragorn singing an Elvish ballad that adds back story to the implications of his love for Arwen

• Aragorn beside his mother's grave in Rivendell.

• An extended sequence of the Fellowship's departure from Rivendell.

• Pre-battle scenes in the Mines Of Moria, explaining how the dwarves came to be in the mines.

• Character material delving into the complicated relationship between elves and dwarves.

• Additional footage from the Fellowship's climatic battle scene.

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• Weta Digital has returned and contributed all new effects shots for the deleted scenes.

• In addition to the 3 and a half hour feature, presented on 2 discs, the set will include 2 MORE discs packed with features not on the August release of the disc! This is includes production team commentaries, production documentaries, & interactive featurettes covering the film adaptation from "book to vision" and "from vision to reality"!

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