First there was V/H/S, then there was S-VHS, now comes the upgrade in technology we've all been waiting for, the very creepy DV! We have an exclusive look at this new found footage thriller written, directed by, and starring legendary filmmaker Evan Jacobs as a serial killer who documents his many murders with an old DV camera, only to find that he is being haunted by the spirit of one of his past victims. Check out the trailer and poster for this scary first installment of what is a planned trilogy before it arrives in select theaters this fall.

DV Poster
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Lensed in complete secrecy in various locales around California, filmmaker Evan Jacobs wanted the film to have the same vibe as the movies (V/H/S and S-VHS) that inspired it.

"Horror allows you to move in many vast directions. As this movie took shape, I really thought about the medium of VHS. I had shot many films using that format, and then suddenly DV came and expanded on the tape medium even more. If one is following the current films logically...Then it would seem DV, at least in an accessible sense to consumers, would be the next step.

In fact, look at what Timo Tjahjanto, one of the directors of S-VHS, has said about melding the worlds of black comedy and horror. Roger Corman did this so deftly as well in films like Little Shop of Horrors and A Bucket of Blood. In DV there are certainly funny moments but the story is tragic and that isn't funny."

DV is currently traveling through the festival circuit. There are plans for a limited release shortly after that.