I just got off the phone with actor extraordinaire/awesome guy Clifton Collins Jr. and one of the many things we spoke about was Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day. Since I've been waiting for this film for quite some time, I had to ask when we could at least expect a trailer, and here's what he said.

Have you heard anything about when we might see a trailer for that?

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Clifton Collins Jr.: Yeah, actually. They're going to be playing the trailer at Comic-Con.


Clifton Collins Jr.: Yes sir, so get the word out, man. I know those seats are going to go fast, but get it out to the right people and it'd be dope to have the right people there. They're cutting the trailer right now and it's going to be ready for Comic-Con, specifically for Comic-Con.

Check back shortly for the rest of my exclusive chat with Clifton Collins Jr. where we talk more Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, Star Trek, Extract and a whole lot more.