During a recent interview with Frank Spotnitz for the upcoming release of the Night Stalker: The Complete Series, the revered writer of such shows as X-Files and Millennium talked about the possibility of there being another X-Files movie as well as his remake of The Star Chamber.

Are there any plans for another X-Files movie? Is that something you have any interest in?

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Frank Spotnitz: Yeah, I actually have a deal, believe it or not, to co-write and co-produce with Chris Carter. And David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson have deals; I think even Chris Carter has a deal. There's some legal issues pending between Chris and 20th Century Fox relating to the old TV show. So I'm hoping that those will get resolved and that we can still do it because we'd love to.

Can you talk at all about The Star Chamber? Do you think a movie like that is even more relevant today?

Frank Spotnitz: I do, totally. It's funny because we began this process of remaking it some years ago. It was still fairly early in the Bush Administration. Now, you know, I think the issues we see everyday with the Bush Administration... about how far can the law go to capture bad guys? It feels very relevant. I think it's a great remake because it's a great idea that was never, in fact, fully realized. I think there's a lot of great things about the first version of the movie that was done in '83, but there's also things that should have been done that weren't done so it's one of those remakes where you have a chance to actually do it better, I think, the second time around.

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The Night Stalker: The Complete Series creeps on to DVD shelves May 30th, 2006.

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