Last month, we showed you the first trailer for Freezer, which stars Dylan McDermott as Robert Saunders, an ordinary New York City man who finds himself trapped in a walk-in freezer by the Russian mafia, who thinks he stole $8 million of their money. While examining his new environment, he finds Detective Sam Gurov (Peter Facinelli), and they try to work together to get out before freezing to death. In honor of this innovative thriller 's release on Blu-ray and DVD this week, we have an exclusive featurette with star Peter Facinelli, who takes us into the mindset of this wounded cop.

Dylan McDermott stars as Robert Saunders, a New York City mechanic who is knocked unconscious at his birthday dinner and wakes up to find himself locked inside the restaurant's walk-in freezer. But why he's there - and how he'll survive - will reveal a chilling nightmare of mistaken identity, the Russian mob, a missing $8 million, and a wounded cop (Peter Facinelli) who may hold the key it all. The temperature is dropping. The fear is growing. And for a man caught between frozen death and vicious thugs, what happens next may lead to the most cold-blooded twist of all.