Psych is one of those shows that stands out because it takes an opposing look at the supernatural. Some shows follow people as they seek out beings beyond this world, this show simply laughs at them. Starring James Roday as Shawn Spencer, he works as a police consultant and because his "powers of observation" are so strong, they think that he is a psychic.

The truth is... he isn't.

Against his better judgment Gus (Dule Hill), serves as Shawn's best friend and partner in crime. Rounding out these starring roles is Corbin Bernsen as Shawn's father Henry Spencer. Clearly laid out in the episode we were sent titled "Forget Me Not" is the fact Henry doesn't approve of Shawn's method of operations so there is a natural tension there. In fact, so strong and well played out is this tension, it is one of the centerpieces of this show. As this is the only episode of this show that I have had the chance to see, I get the impression that Shawn's willingness to let people believe he is something he isn't is what also drives the narrative. This is a character who seems immune to the idea that his actions have consequences. And if they do have consequences, he surely isn't going to deal with them until he has too. As much as Gus and Henry don't want to go along with him, they can't help but accept that Shawn is smart and hopefully his brains will be enough to keep him out of too much trouble.

Psych also features guest performances by Mercedes Ruehl, Kurtwood Smith and Dan Lauria among others. In addition to this, John Landis made his first foray into episodic TV by guest directing a show this season.

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Psych Season One resumes Friday, January 19 at 10/9c on the USA Network.

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