Writer Graham Yost is best known for writing the popular '90s action films Speed and Broken Arrow but he is also a successful television writer having written for both of HBO's critically acclaimed mini-series Band Of Brothers and From The Earth To The Moon, each of which was produced by two-time Oscar Winner Tom Hanks. It was announced almost a year ago that the writer and actor would soon be collaborating again on another outer space set film, which is to be based on Major Matt Mason, a popular astronaut action figure from the '60s. We recently had an opportunity to catch of with Graham Yost at the premiere of his new FX series, Justified, which stars Timothy Olyphant (The Crazies) and begins airing on March 16th.

The popular writer and producer took a moment out of his time to give us an update on the progress of the Major Matt Mason project. "Yeah, Tom and I have been writing that and it's been turned in to Universal," Yost explained. "They seem to really like it and are talking to directors so we'll see what happens with that. That was a blast." "Tom and I go back to From The Earth To The Moon so we have a real shared space-geekness. We love that stuff and we also shared Matt Mason. That was the toy of our youth," he explained. "We both played with them a lot. Now they were, as I tell my children, action figures NOT dolls! That is very important," Yost concluded.

We'll be sure to give you more details on Major Matt Mason as they unfold but until then, Justified begins airing March 16th on FX.