The cast and director want to return for Toy Story 4
One of the most beloved film franchises in the history of Pixar Animation Studios, Toy Story, is about to release it's final chapter, Toy Story 3 on June 18th. But will it really be the last time we see Woody and Buzz on the big screen? Not if actress Estelle Harris has anything to say about it. Recently we had a chance to speak with Estelle Harris, who plays Mrs. Potato Head in the films, about Toy Story 3 and the actress dropped this bombshell on us about the future of the series. "There will probably be a Toy Story 4," revealed Harris. Surprised to hear this news we asked the actress if she knew for a fact that a forth chapter of the series was in the works? "It's got to be. If you saw it (Toy Story 3), don't you realize it from the end? Don't you want to know what happens next?" answered Harris. "I toasted it with Champagne. Here is to Toy Story 4!"

We continued by asking the veteran actress if she was looking forward to returning to the franchise for a forth film? "Well of course and so are you," she said to actress Kristen Schaal who was sitting next to her. Equally surprised by this news was Schaal herself, who is best known for her work on the TV shows like Flight of the Conchords and Mad Men, and who also stars in the upcoming film as new toy, Trixie. We asked Schaal if there was any truth to what Harris had said and if she would in fact return for another film. "Oh I am, I am," she laughed. "I can't wait to do Toy Story 4. I'm just going to jump on Estelle's bandwagon that she created," the actress joked. "I have no word on it but she's decided, Estelle Harris has just decided that there is a Toy Story 4 and we are both doing it," Schaal proclaimed.

Finally, we spoke to Toy Story 3 director Lee Unkrich and asked him directly if there were in fact plans already in motion for another film and what he thought about Harris' comments? "We know that Estelle would really like there to be a Toy Story 4 because she loves playing Mrs. Potato Head and she doesn't want to see any of this end," explained Unkrich. "I think that is a testament to the characters. People really love these characters and want to see more of them. In Toy Story 3 we really tried to end this story of these toys and their relationship with Andy but I'm sure we'll see more of the toys in the future," teased the director.