During a recent interview with former Black Flag frontman turned host of The Henry Rollins Show, Henry Rollins, the singer/poet/actor/talk show host discussed his work in the horror banquet Feast, as well as his role in the upcoming scarefest Wrong Turn 2.

Can you talk at all about your experience working on John Gulager's Feast? And do you have any idea when we might actually get to see that film?

Henry Rollins: No. I have no idea. I don't know and I'm not trying to say I don't care, but I sure don't pay attention in that I saw John the other day, John works on my show. John, when he's not working on other stuff, I saw John last week, he rolled camera on me all day, so I see Gulager all the time. He's a wonderful guy. But, after I wrap a film and I get paid I'm on to the next thing. There's nothing I can do to that film and I'm not looking for a career in the movie business. For me it's important, and I take the work seriously, but not myself. I just go in there to work my ass off and the director says, "That's a wrap on Henry." I go home and I get ready for the next thing to do.

When the movie comes out, what anybody thinks of it doesn't really matter to me. I don't go to the wrap party. I don't go to the premiere. Rarely am I asked. Rarely do I do film press because I'm so low on the food chain of the movie, and for me it's just this thing I did for four weeks before the next tour started. Until I saw John the other day, for all I knew Feast came out and went. And the only way I'd know is if... I get a lot of mail. A kid might write me and go, "Hey man, that movie blew!" (Laughs) So, that's how... oh, it must be out! That's how I know is when someone writes me and goes, "So what's up with that movie you were in?" But past that, I have no idea.

My manager actually saw it. And he said it was good.

I've heard great things about it.

Henry Rollins: My manager said, "Henry, you were good. You got laughs. You were funny. The monsters looked good." He goes, "There was really not any cringe factor. You're gonna be very happy when you see it." I'm like, "Cool!" You know, I'll never see it but that's cool anyway.

What do you have coming up next?

Henry Rollins: I'm doing a movie in June, Wrong Turn 2! As opposed to Wrong Turn 1. It's some kind of zombie film and the director I really like a lot. He's just a cool dude and he and I get along great; Joe Lynch. He's got a lot of energy. I like to be around people who are pumped up. And we're gonna have a good time up in Vancouver, all of June escaping blood thirsty zombies. Which is what you need... (laughs) So I'm looking forward to that.

We will be posting the entire interview with Henry Rollins, host of The Henry Rollins Show, shortly!