No matter what you think of him, you cannot deny that legendary Playboy founder Hugh Hefner is one of the most iconic men in the world! So it would only make sense that Hollywood would eventually want to make a movie about his incredible life. Super-successful producer Brian Grazer (Inside Man, Frost/Nixon) has been planning to make, Playboy, a feature film based of Hefner's life, for some time now with Brett Ratner (Red Dragon, The Family Man) attached to direct. However the film is still in development and there has been no movement on the project in recent weeks.

Over the weekend we had the rare opportunity of attending an event at the famed Playboy mansion in Beverly Hills, California for the release of the John Cusack comedy Hot Tub Time Machine, which will be on Blu-Ray and DVD July 29th. While at the mansion we spoke to the man himself, Hugh Hefner, and asked the living-legend if he knew what the current status of, Playboy, the movie based on his own life actually was? "Oh yes, Brian Grazer (is producing it), yes, it's going to happen," Hef said. "It's taken a long time to get the right director and the right screenplay but it's happening." Finally, we asked the publishing icon who he would like to see play him in the film? "Probably Robert Downey Jr., answered Hef. We followed up by asking Mr. Hefner in closing why he thinks Downey has what it takes to portray him on the silver screen? "Well, he's a very talented actor," he replied simply.