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India Eisley Talks Underworld Awakening 3D Blu-ray release

The latest thrilling chapter of the Underworld saga is set to hit 3D Blu-ray, Blu-ray, and DVD this Tuesday, May 8th. Kate Beckinsale returns as the ultimate vampire warrioress Selene in Underworld Awakening. Having escaped years of
imprisonment, she finds herself in a changed world where humans have discovered the existence of both Vampire and Lycan clans, and are conducting an all-out war to eradicate both immortal species. Now Selene must battle the humans and a frightening new breed of super Lycans to ensure the death dealers' survival.

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India Eisley (The Secret Life of the American Teenager) plays Eve in the film, daughter of Selene and one of the new super Lycans who has vampire DNA. We recently caught up with India to discuss her role in this anticipated release, along with her involvement in future installments.

Here is our conversation.

Tell me a little bit about Eve, and how she plays into the overall arc of this franchise's ongoing storyline...

India Eisley: She is the hybrid Lycan vampire child of Michael and Selene. She is a very unique character. She was basically brought up in a lab, with little to no contact with the outside world at all. She is looking for her family.

Did you study both the vampires and the lycans in those first three films, in discovering who Eve is and what she is capable of?

India Eisley: Yeah. And I enjoyed those other films. Without sounding pretentious, I really like what Michael Sheen did as a Lycan. I thought it was so good. I tried to take bits and pieces from his performance. Because she is a hybrid, I did have to get a feel for what both of these creatures were like.

We see a little more practical make-up here, in this fourth outing, as opposed to the CGI heavy first films. Does that give you a little something extra in bringing forth your performance? To have these creatures in front of you while you are acting, as opposed to looking at a tennis ball on a stick?

India Eisley: Yeah. They had a few of the real looking Lycan creatures on set. Then, they also had some really funny ones. These were stuntmen in Lycan suits. These were the people we had to fight with. It was a nice mix. It wasn't just all one, or all the other. It was all integrated. It does make it easier when you know what something looks like. And you have something to bounce off of.

The effects have improved so much since that first film came out almost ten years ago. Here, you sometimes can't tell when you are looking at a real werewolf, and when you are looking at CGI.

India Eisley: I know, that is true. (Laughs)

This is a pretty action heavy movie. What was that experience like, having come off of Secret Life of an American Teenager? That had to be a really different pace for you as an actress.

India Eisley: Yeah? You don't think grabbing a coffee cup and walking out of the kitchen is action heavy? (Laughs) I didn't have near as much training as the others. There really wasn't a lot of preparation involved. It was more of an animalistic vibe from Eve. She doesn't have any control over what she does, especially when it comes to killing people and killing things. There really wasn't a lot of preparation. I met with the stunt team a few times, but I really didn't do as much as I would have liked.

Your are completely believable as Kate Beckinsale's daughter, so I have to wonder...Did they seek you out, or did you actually audition for this movie?

India Eisley: It was really strange how this happened. I auditioned for it. I hadn't heard anything for a few months. Then, we went to this coffee shop on 3rd Street in Santa Monica...We would normally go to this other coffee shop, but I felt like going to this new place. I walked in, and I got in line. I ordered the drinks, and brought them back to the table. My mother says, "You'll never believe who is sitting next to you." It was the daughter of Kate Beckinsale. We were all on tinder hooks from the audition, because we hadn't heard anything. Then Len Wiseman came over, to our table, and he says, "Didn't you audition recently for Underworld Awakening?" I mentioned that yes, I did. He says, "We loved your take. We just saw the tape." I think I was just getting over a cold at the time, and they were too. We talked about suffering through the exact same thing. Then a few weeks went by, and the offer came in. It was kind of strange how it all happened.

Have they discussed with you how involved you're going to be in the upcoming sequels? Are they looking at you to kind of take over the franchise?

India Eisley: Oh, god! (Laughs) The one thing I like about the films as a whole is that this is more of an ensemble thing. Even one and two, though they are predominantly about Kate Beckinsale...There are so many different characters in 1 and 2, so its incredibly balanced. To have a film that is based solely on Eve is something that kind of terrifies me. (Laughs) Not in a bad way. But, because, things are more interesting when there is a bunch of people bouncing off each other. There have been talks. I'm not allowed to say much. I do look forward to working with all of them again.

Where would you like to see your character go in future installments?

India Eisley: Well, I would hope that she is not wearing white Keds and a white cotton outfit for the next few years. That would be a nice change. I would like to wait and see what they come up with. I am interested to see what comes of this. They obviously come up with some great ideas. We'll just have to wait and see.

Kate Beckinsale proved that this is a franchise where actors can come and go throughout various installments. Does that excite you as an actress? That maybe you can sit out a film, but then you can come back for the next one?

India Eisley: Yes. They always find ways to get around things. I think, again, with the flexibility of having a lot of characters, it makes it easier if someone decides they don't want to do much in a particular film. They can find ways to work around it. I am open to anything. I just can't wait to see what comes from everything.