From Evan Jacobs, the director of DV and Orange County Hardcore Scenester, comes the animated thriller Insect, which follows two teenage boys dealing with the recent death of their mother. We have the exclusive trailer debut, along with a statement about this impending release from the director himself.

About Insect, director Evan Jacobs had this to say about its inception and origin.

"This movie is extremely inspired by Phantasm. I mean, look at the font in the trailer! I wanted to create a film that looks at loss and all that goes with it. This film imagines what might happen if there was a creature that preyed on these fears, was made stronger by the fears, and ultimately had to be confronted."

About Insect

After the death of Reggie's (14) and Don's (17) mother, the boys find themselves without parents. As their Aunt and Uncle get their home ready for them to move into, Reggie and Don are allowed to stay alone for a week in their mother's house. Shortly after their mom's funeral, Reggie starts to hear strange noises. He also begins to see things such as dead insects, dead rats and even dead people in his home. On top of this, his cat Tallman has mysteriously gone missing and Reggie keeps finding a strange, crust-like substance all over the house.

Reggie tries to talk to Don about this but he is too busy with his girlfriend and his own life. With his brother only months away from turning 18, Reggie is terrified that Don is going to leave him alone with their Aunt and Uncle. He continues to experience strange events, which eventually boil over when Reggie's best friend Angus spends the night. After disappearing when he goes to check out a noise emanating from Reggie's and Don's mother's bedroom (a room the brothers made a pact not to enter), they soon discover that what has taken him is scarier than they could have ever imagined. Reggie and Don must now band together if they are going to save Angus and themselves from the deadly Insect in their mother's bedroom.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange