I recently had the chance to talk with actress Isabel Lucas for Immortals, which hits theaters November 11. I also asked about the upcoming thriller she stars in entitled Loft, a remake of Erik Van Looy's Belgian thriller where five friends share a loft for their extramarital affairs. They begin to question one another when a woman is found dead in the apartment. Here's what Isabel Lucas had to say about Loft.

"There is one I did called Loft, and it's an American remake of a Belgian film. It's a very heady, cerebral murder mystery. It was filmed in New Orleans and in Brussels. It's the same director who did the original. I play Sarah, and, I think I'm allowed to say this, because it's a remake, but she's the girl who gets murdered (Laughs). Yeah, that one comes out, I think, early next year. It's with James Marsden, Eric Stonestreet, Wentworth Miller. It's a great cast. I saw the original before I read the script, and I was really drawn to it. When I met Erik (Van Looy), the director, that's when I was really certain I wanted to do it, because he was just wonderful."

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