On May 9th, Roger Friedman of Fox411 reported that George Lucas was planning two more Star Wars movies, most likely for TV. Lucas alleged that these hour long live-action films would take place during the original Star Wars era, but would not have members of the Skywalker family as characters. Lucas stated, "They will be other people of that milieu."

Well, I got on the phone with the head of Lucas Film fan relations and know-it-all force behind everything Star Wars, Steven Sansweet, this morning to talk about the upcoming Celebration IV taking place in Los Angeles. I asked him about the two films and this is what he had to say...

George Lucas recently said that he is planning two more Star Wars movies, most likely for TV. Can you tell me anything about that?

Steven Sansweet: No, no, no, no. There are going to be two more Star Wars television series. One of them is well into production. That is Star Wars: Clone Wars. It's a CG animated show, which we suspect will be on the air sometime next year. And then George and Rick McCullen were just now starting work on a live action series. A drama. That will probably be coming out in 2009 or 2010. He is actively at work on both of those. But the CG animated series is more adult. It has a lot of humor in it. It is very cinematic. We will be talking about that for the first time at the celebration.

Well, there was an article making the rounds on the Internet that Lucas was planning two made-for-TV movies based in the Star Wars universe. So, that's not true?

Steven Sansweet: There is no truth to that whatsoever. I haven't even seen that rumor. I can absolutely tell you that is not true.

Can you tell me anything about the footage we will be seeing from Star Wars: Clone Wars at the Celebration?

Steven Sansweet: We have no plans right now to show any footage. The TV show has not yet found a home on television. Until that happens, they are telling me that they are unable to show any actual footage. So, we'll just have to be patient and see what develops.

Look for Steven Sansweet's entire interview later today. He talks about Indiana Jones 4, Star Wars on DVD, and exactly what we will be seeing at the Los Angeles Star Wars Celebration IV.

B. Alan Orange at Movieweb
B. Alan Orange