/jackass-4-bad-grandpa-domain-registration-hints-at-upcoming-sequel/Way back in June of last year, we reported that Paramount Pictures was moving forward with a sequel to their popular franchise, Jackass 4: Bad Grandpa, which many assumed would revolve around the old man character Irving Zisman (aka Bad Grandpa) played by Johnny Knoxville in the previous three films.

Though Paramount scooped up every conceivable domain name for this presumed sequel, just days later, Johnny Knoxville came forward to call foul. He said the movie was absolutely not happening.

"It is absolutely 'no' is the answer. One hundred percent 'no.' There is no Jackass 4 in the works. That, I promise."
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After three movies, and the sad passing of regular cast member Ryan Dunn, it makes sense that this crew would call it quits, especially since they are all heading into middle age. But there may be some juice left in the franchise yet.

Steve-O, once known as a hard core partier, has cleaned up his act considerably, but still considers himself a thrill seeker. Back on November 23rd, he took on hosting duties for the competition series Killer Karaoke, which puts capable singers through some pretty tough ropes while they attempt to belt out their favorite song. It's an instantly addictive show, and while talking to the clown college graduate about it a few weeks ago, we also got Steve-O to comment on Jackass 4: Bad Grandpa.

While he was hesitant to say too much, his response, which you can watch in the video, seems pretty upbeat and positive. He's pretty sure this sequel is going to happen in the not too distant future, saying that it is "Possible." Watch our quick video with the Jackass 4 star.

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B. Alan Orange