Jackie Earle Haley wants to return for season 2One of the most exciting new shows this season has been the Fox series {0} based on the classic DC comics' character. {1} ({2}) stars as Christopher Chance, a mercenary-for-hire who protects his clients by integrating himself into their lives in order to become the target himself. Oscar nominee {3} co-stars as Guerrero, a fellow hired gun/tech whiz and occasional partner to Chance. {4} first gained attention as a child actor in the film The Bad News Bears and was later nominated for an Oscar for his performance in Little Children. Since then the actor has played the popular anti-hero Rorschach in the graphic novel adapted film {5} and is now starring as the iconic Freddy Krueger in the re-imagining of the classic '80s horror film {6}.

While Human Target has done relatively well in the ratings and has a strong following it is still unknown whether the show will return for a second season or not, and with Haley's film career getting busier and busier the actors participation in the show long term may become in jeopardy as well. We recently had a chance to speak with Jackie Earle Haley while he was out promoting A Nightmare On Elm Street, which opens on April 30th, and we asked the talented actor if he thought that the series would be picked up for a second season?

"I sure hope so," answered Haley. "I'm having a kick on it."

Finally, we asked Haley if he is planning to return to the series if it gets picked up for another season?

"Yeah, yeah it's fun," he replied. "That's a fun show."