James Cameron talks Avatar sequels and <strong><em>Titanic</em></strong> 3D
There is a reason that director James Cameron is "the king of the world." His extremely popular 1997 film Titanic not only won an Oscar for best picture but it also earned over $1 billion worldwide. While many critics didn't think Cameron would ever be able to repeat the success of that film he proved them wrong by returning last year with the space-odyssey Avatar, which has gone on to break all of Titanic's records and earn over $2 billion worldwide. Cameron always intended to make sequels to Avatar and the success of the first film insures that the franchise will continue on. In fact, Cameron announced /james-cameron-shooting-avatar-2-and-3-back-to-back/recently that he plans to shoot Avatar 2 and Avatar 3 back-to-back.

The other day we had a chance to speak with James Cameron while he was out promoting the re-release of Avatar, which features nine minutes of new footage and opens in theaters on August 27th.

We asked the acclaimed director what he could tell us about the planned sequels?

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"Well look I always planned to tell a story arc that played out over two or three or maybe more films and that is something that I pitched to the studio five years ago when we were initially pitching Avatar. So there is no surprise that we are going on and working on that."

We continued by asking Cameron if he could tell us anything about what the films storylines might revolve around?

"There is still some deal stuff to be worked out but in terms of the content I sort of leaked already that I'm going to be focusing on the ocean environment as well as the rainforest environment on Pandora but that is about all that is public knowledge right now," Cameron answered. "Beyond that I want to keep it as cloaked in mystery as possible. Just because frankly, I think that is honestly what people want. They want to go on the journey. Taking this journey to Pandora is like ... when that door opens and you step out into that world you want whatever happens next to be new and fresh. That's our challenge in making the next set of films."

We finished by asking if he expected Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana to return for the sequels?

"I hope so but I can't speak for Sam and Zoe right now though because there are deal issues."

Finally, since director Ridley Scott is currently working on a prequel to his classic film, Alien, and Cameron actually directed that films sequel, Aliens, we wanted to find out if there were any films of his own that he would be interested in revisiting again someday by making either a prequel or a sequel?

"I've moved on from everything that's already been done," Cameron answered. "The only thing to me that has any kind of franchise life to it at this point is Avatar. With Titanic we are going back and doing it in 3D, which is a little bit of a creative revision of history," Cameron admitted. "We're not going to add anything to it, its just going to be exactly the cut but it'll be in 3D so it will be a different experience. But the other stuff I don't feel the need. You know, I had a choice when I was finishing Titanic to do another Terminator film and it just didn't feel right. So I've moved on from that."