We haven't heard much about the upcoming James Gunn film Super, since we announced this full cast had come together for the film. In the timely vein of such films as Kick-Ass and Defendor, Super centers on a lone man (Rainn Wilson) who, after his wife (Liv Tyler) leaves him for a slick drug dealer (Kevin Bacon), he becomes a superhero dubbed The Crimson Bolt, who lacks any super powers but hits the streets to fight crime.

We caught up with Gunn, who is writing and directing the film, at the 2010 Streamy Awards and he had plenty to say about his upcoming film.

"Super is a movie that I just got done filming with Rainn Wilson and Liv Tyler and Ellen Page and Kevin Bacon," Gunn told us. "It's an independent movie about a guy who wants to be a superhero and doesn't really have the ability to do so."

While Gunn wasn't quite sure on when this film would hit the theaters, he said that they would be, "done cutting it at the end of the summer." When asked if the film was inspired by the recent influx of comic book movies, Gunn revealed that this film has been in the works for quite some time now.

"The script is actually about five years old," Gunn told us. "I wrote the script before anything else was out there like this and it just kind of stuck around. I always wanted to make the movie but it's very esoteric and a very unique film. It's sort of a half-serious film about real human beings and it's half this extremely dark comedy with a lot of violence and a lot of sex. It was hard to find a home for it, because it's a very unique piece."

Gunn also told us that the film really started to come together when he got the script in the hands of his star, Rainn Wilson, via his ex-wife Jenna Fischer.

"About a year ago, my ex-wife, Jenna Fischer, gave the script to Rainn Wilson, because she kept trying to get me to make this movie," Gunn said. "Rainn read it and fell in love with the lead role. I had the money to make the movie before, but I could never agree upon that lead actor. It's a very specific type of person. He's got to have the emotional ability to to really good acting, he also has to be funny, big enough that he can be physically threatened at times, yet also, with all respect to Rainn, dorky enough that you can imagine him being picked on all his life and messed with. A lot of actors wanted to play the role for a long time, but it was a hard role to fit and I didn't want to go in there with the wrong actor. Rainn is perfect for it. He's amazing."

After Wilson's casting, Gunn told us that several other actors attached themselves to the project as well.

"Once he signed on, then all of the sudden we have Ellen Page, who was our top choice for that role, signed up immediately and then Liv Tyler, who we couldn't believe we got, signed up for that role and then Kevin Bacon. We made the movie for nothing. Everybody did it for scale, so it's been a really fun project, a very difficult project and emotionally taxing, but I'm really happy with the way the movie is coming out."

We'll be sure to keep you posted with any further news on James Gunn's Super as soon as we have more information.