James Marsden stars as Hollywood screenwriter David Sumner in Straw Dogs. He and his lovely wife, Amy (Kate Bosworth), return to her hometown of Blackwater, Mississippi. Their plan for a quiet, idyllic life takes a turn for the worst when hired locals, led by Amy's ex-boyfriend Charlie (Alexander Skarsgård), begin to harass the couple. Straw Dogs is a remake of the 1971 thriller starring Dustin Hoffman. Violent and disturbing, the film is well adapted to modern times, and asks the philosophical question, how far can you push someone before they snap?James Marsden is as affable in person as he comes off on screen. He's got a friendly demeanor and jumped at the chance to take such a different role. Check out our interview below as he discusses working with the cast, director Rod Lurie, and what fans can expect from this remake.