Jason Statham flexes his acting muscles in Redemption, the directorial debut of Steven Knight, writer of Eastern Promises and Dirty Pretty Things; Redemption is a riveting tale set against the gritty streets of homeless London, with Statham starring as Joey Jones; an ex-special forces officer living destitute as an alcoholic. Tragic events and a friendship with a kind nun (Agata Buzek) lead Joey on the path back to sobriety. Along the way he attempts to right the many wrongs of his life and the street crime he encounters. Dark, powerful, and engrossing, Jason Statham embodies Joey in his finest acting performance yet. He was quite proud of Redemption and the experience in working with Steven Knight. He readily admits that it was a great chance to exhibit his range. Actions fans don't have to worry as he pummels quite a few baddies. A quick note, Redemption is the updated U.S. title, the film was originally called Hummingbird. Cool as ice water, check out our interview with Jason Statham below.

Julian Roman at Movieweb
Julian Roman