We have an exclusive clip from the upcoming boxed set Jean Harlow 100th Anniversary Collection, which will be available through Warner Archive on October 25. Click on the video player below to watch legendary actress Jean Harlow in Reckless, one of the seven movies available on this boxed set.

For our inaugural box set collection, we shine the spotlight on the Platinum Bombshell herself, Jean Harlow. A true trend-setter, the first "Platinum Blonde" provided the template for an archetype that stretches from one century into the next - to Marilyn to Madonna to Gwen Stefani and beyond. True film buffs owe it to themselves to celebrate, discover, or rediscover her achievements as an actor. Join us in paying tribute with this special collection, celebrating her centennial year with seven of her films, three newly remastered. None ever before available on DVD. Lovingly packaged in a striking, glamour filled slipcase filled with special features.

Movies included:

  • Bombshell (1933) Remastered - Glamour queen Lola (Harlow) is quitting the movie biz - something her manipulative press agent (Lee Tracy) can't allow!
  • - The Girl from Missouri (1934) Remastered - Eadie's not easy! A plucky bachelorette (Harlow) intends to bag a New York millionaire...without abandoning her virtue.
  • - Reckless (1935) Remastered - Harlow goes dramatic as a Broadway star accused of murder after the death of her high-living, high society hubby. With William Powell, the last real-life love of Harlow's short life.
  • - Riffraff (1935) She works in a cannery. He's a fisherman. But their playful romance is fated to give way to a tragedy surrounding union activism. She's Harlow, he's Spencer Tracy.
  • - Suzy (1936) Harlow, Cary Grant, and Franchot Tone are involved in a World War I triangle of romance and spy intrigue.
  • - Personal Property (1937) Debt-ridden socialite Harlow puts on a show of wealth to impress a suitor who's also making a pretense of fortune. Robert Taylor is the butler who sees through the ruses.
  • - Saratoga (1937) In Harlow's final film she plays the daughter of a horse breeder who is engaged to a millionaire, but drawn to a bookie played by Clark Gable.

Special features included:

  • Portfolio of seven 5" x 7" MGM studio portraits of Miss Harlow
  • - Trailers for six films, including newly discovered trailers for Bombshell, The Girl from Missouri, and Personal Property
  • - Rare, never before heard Reckless pre-recording sessions including Jean Harlow's unused vocals captured live on the MGM stage
  • - Lux Radio Theater presentation "Madame Sans-Gene" with Jean Harlow and Robert Taylor (Audio Only)
  • - Two Leo is on the Air radio "air trailers"