While out promoting his upcoming film Holy Rollers, which opens this Friday, we caught up with Jesse Eisenberg and got a chance to speak with him about the impending sequel Zombieland 2, which will reunited Jesse with his co-star Woody Harrelson. Here's what the hard working actor told us to expect:

Back at Comic Con, you told me some pretty extravagant lies about Zombieland. Now that I have you on the phone, can you lie to me about the sequel? What is going to happen in Zombieland 2?

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Jesse Eisenberg: It is going to rain frogs. And they are going to go through all of the sins from the bible with the zombies. And that's how we defeat them.

Is that true, or is that a complete lie?

Jesse Eisenberg: It's a complete lie. What did I tell you about the first film a year ago?}

You told me quite a few things. You actually got me in trouble with Woody Harrelson, because he had no idea what I was talking about. You told me that an On-Star Woman played a huge role in the film...

Jesse Eisenberg: Yeah! That got cut out. That was true. That wasn't a lie. It was one of the bigger story elements, but they ended up cutting it out of the film. The way our characters kept finding the two girls after they stole both of our cars was because we were connected to this On-Star system. We would hit the button, and this woman would be our eye in the sky, so to speak. She would tell us where everyone was. That was all true. They ended up cutting it out of the movie for time constraints, I guess.

You also told me the film would change the way we as people communicate. Because of interactions between your character and Woody, where they would only stare at each other's crotches. That it was a new form of speaking.

Jesse Eisenberg: I can't believe I would say something like that. I don't even know what that means.

I didn't quite know what that meant either. But you explained that when people left the movie theater, they'd only want to stare at each other's crotch.

Jesse Eisenberg: I don't understand what that means. I apologize. That just sounds stupid.

Can you tell me what is really going on with Zombieland 2?

Jesse Eisenberg: Yes. I believe they are going to shoot it in 3D. If they do it. Which will be interesting for the glasses industry. They are just starting to write the script. Maybe they haven't even started that yet. I don't know where my character will go. The first movie was fun, though. I can't imagine the second one won't be good.

Bill Murray was a big surprise for everyone, and there's the joke, "That's a pretty big BM." Is there any truth to the rumor that Bill Maher might appear in the sequel as an even bigger BM?

Jesse Eisenberg: Oh, I'd be the last one to find out. I wouldn't know until I was on set. Which is what happened last time.

I've heard you say in the past that you don't pay too much attention to the technical side of filmmaking. Because it might be distracting for you as an actor. Does shooting in 3D change that perception at all? Or is that something you wouldn't even be aware of?

Jesse Eisenberg: I think they've made the 3D as unobtrusive as possible with these new cameras. I don't know, I've never seen them. From what I hear, it's not very different. Its one of the difficult challenges of a movie. To block out all the technical aspects, and focus on the character. Your character shouldn't be experiencing the grand nature of a movie set. Its one of those challenges, but I've heard that the 3D process isn't as intrusive as it used to be.

Will the 3D not play into your subconscious about where your body should be in regards to what the audience is actually seeing in front of them, and how your moving?

Jesse Eisenberg: Oh, geez. I don't know. I have no experience with it.