This Sunday, December 4th, marks the Hung Season 3 finale with Episode 3.10: The Whole Beefalo. Jill Jacobson guest stars along with Jay Thomas as the parents of Jason's (Stephen Amell) pimp. We recently caught up with Jill to chat about the episode, as well as her upcoming stand-up comedy appearances.

Here is our conversation.

What can you tell us about this character you are playing on the season finale of Hung?

Jill Jacobson: One would expect that I'd be playing one of the broads that Thomas Jane is doing it with. But I'm not. I think its quite surprising. It's pretty crazy. I am the mother of the new pimp. We just show up. My husband is played by Jay Thomas. He is fantastic. We just went crazy. Apparently, the producers allowed us to just go crazy. I don't see why they wouldn't keep it in. We got a nice response when we did it. It's nothing that you would expect. It's a little bit about the inner workings of the new pimp. You know who the new ho is. There is a new ho in town. Thomas Jane has had some competition this season. This young, really ripped guy named Jason. The irony is, Stephen Amell, who plays this new hottie Jason, is getting in on the action. Jason's girlfriend, who is my onscreen daughter, realizes that, "Wow, this is a way of making money!" So lets go for it. She ends up becoming her boyfriend's pimp. How fun is that? Its TV land!

Being on Hung has to be a lot different than participating on Network TV...It seems like anything goes on this show...

Jill Jacobson: I know, isn't it wonderful? You watch this, then you turn on network TV, and you're going, "Huh?" I don't understand certain friends of mine who don't even have cable. I'm like, "What are you waiting for? This is life! This is fun! This is the reason we can stay home and enjoy ourselves.

I was watching something on Comedy Central, which is just basic cable, then I flipped over to the comedies on NBC, and it struck me how old fashioned some of those shows are...

Jill Jacobson: It is old fashioned. And look at the level of acting. It doesn't ever come up to the level of what you might see on HBO. I am a huge fan of Boardwalk Empire. As far as HBO goes, I have only done this show, Hung, and Arli$$. We went crazy with that. I am happy watching cable. Usually, I will accept a job anywhere. Actually, I just did an indie movie. hopefully it will be sold quite quickly. It is quite outrageous. Be on the look out for a movie called Last Look. It's about a dysfunctional family. I am the mother. A quite dysfunctional mother. And there is quite a bit of incest. Its just...craziness. After January, it will be going to festivals. It's unusual.

It sounds unusual. Incest is, or course, a taboo topic. We don't see that explored too often in film...

Jill Jacobson: I know its taboo. Look at what David Lynch did. Look at all of these people pushing the envelope. I get excited about that. Things like this intrigue me. You have to be prepared to go on the ride. As an artist, I don't want to do safe. I am kind of out there, in a sense. I am willing to take risks. I think I would be very bored as an artists doing the same old, same old. I brought the comedy to Falcon Crest. Remember that show? We made that funny. I made it funny. I had a great leading man in David Selby. At the same time, I was on another show called The New Gidget. That was right at the beginning of syndication. I was on TV every night. Then I was on Fridays at 10 pm with Falcon Crest. Years later I was on Star Trek: The Next Generation. And then Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, which was so much fun. I have always been drawn to these project. I am drawn to the unusual. Hung is certainly unusual. I don't know if I could have gotten away with it, without Jay Thomas.

What is the onscreen relationship like between the two of you?

Jill Jacobson: It's not huge. It's not that big. They do a lot of shots, I've noticed, in my daughter's apartment. That is where she and Jason reside. This is a glimpse into her family. It opens up with...To say that it's a crying scene makes it sound sad...But it is a crying scene. Its insanity. We don't know what she is doing. We have no clue about this other life she is leading. All we find out as mother and father is...I shouldn't even be telling you this...We are just going about our normal activity. Then something happens. Jay and I have our own response to it. They let us get away with going over the top. Its extreme comedy. I don't know if, just on my own, without Jay and I collaborating as comics...I also do stand-up comedy...Without us getting along so well, I don't know if this could have happened. We just connected as a unit. When that happens, it is so much fun. It's like when you are a kid, and you break into a building and start robbing everything...That rush! You are doing something where you feel like, "Oh, I am being bad!" But because we were being bad together, it was okay. All I can say is, Jay and I connected. We had a blast. It was like...Okay, how long are we going to maintain this relationship now that we've finished working? We responded to each other as good friends. We were like kids. I don't know what is going to show up, but I'm sure the creators of the show won't let what we did go. Because it was nutty. It's a laugh. You will enjoy that it's a little piece of insanity. You'll enjoy Last Look as well.

When are you going to go back to your stand-up?

Jill Jacobson: I've got two gigs coming up. I have one December 6th, which is two days after the final episode of Hung airs. I am doing a twenty-minute set in Burbank, at Flappers. Then, on December 26th, I'm doing The Laugh Factory, which is a big deal. It's going to be fun. I love doing stand-up. There is no bigger rush in the world than being able to tell a joke, and have everyone respond.

Were you able to bring some of those skills onto the set of Hung?

Jill Jacobson: Yes! Especially with Jay. God, to walk in before the shoot and find out he was my husband? He is the master! I was so fortunate. Then here we are, being little monkeys together. I could have been stuck with someone straight laced. There are so many actors that are like, "We are just going to follow the lines, here!" Jay is all about pushing the envelop. He wants to see how far we can go. He is so much fun. I was high for weeks after we shot this. I couldn't believe we shot this!