The actor isn't sure if season five will be the popular CW show's last year

While chatting with Supernatural's Jim Beaver about his new memoir Life's That Way, we got him to spill a little bit of information on the final three episodes of his popular CW series. It seems that Bobby Singer will be present throughout the finale, but he's not quite sure what is going to happen with season five. Here is what the popular character actor had to say about the series' immediate future:

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This has been a very busy time for you, with the book coming out and two series on the air. How tough has it been to juggle all three at one time?

Jim Beaver: Even good stress is stress. That is a bit of an issue. The fact is that I am wonderfully blessed to have all of this happening at once. Sometimes my schedule is a little difficult to juggle. I am very happy working. I have a great time when I am at work. I love what I do so much. The book has been a lot of work. There has been some emotional stress to go back through all of this. But I am really happy. And it has been a wonderful bit of synchronicity to have the shows and the book all at peak points of interest all at the same time.

Bobby Singer is more popular now than ever before. What role does he play in the upcoming season finale, and will we be seeing him next year? Also, how do you feel about the show coming to an end with season five?

Jim Beaver: I don't know too much about next year. Or what they have planned for the show. There was some scuttlebutt on the set about the end of the series. But that often times doesn't play out. I haven't really heard anything definitive from the powers that be about the future of the show. I know that Bobby is back for the final three episodes of this season. There is some really strong stuff there were Dean and Bobby are trying to get Sam to kick his demon blood addiction. There is some really powerful stuff in the relationship between the three. As to how things wrap up? Well, when you are a character on Supernatural, you can get killed and come back. When you are an actor on it, and you spill too many beans, they can kill you and you don't get to come back. There is only a little bit about what I can say in regards to how things wind down. It's been such a trip being on this show. It was very much under my own personal radar when I first joined it. It was just another job. I had no idea that it had the kind of fan support that it does. And that has certainly increased year by year. Boy, they have been so wonderful to me. After toiling in obscurity for many years, it is incredibly satisfying and gratifying to have the kind of fan support they managed to come up with on this show.

Did you ever think that purple gloves and a dirty trucker hat would become your signature? And do you think they are deserving of a place in history as a film and television historian?

Jim Beaver: I am not sure how to answer that. I never took it for granted. I never thought anyone would remember what I did for long. If anybody remembers any of this stuff a year from now, I will be pleasantly surprised.

The final four Supernatural season 4 episodes begin airing this Thursday at 9 pm, only on the CW. Bobby Singer makes his return in the April 30th episode The Rapture.