Joel Kinnaman walked the red carpet last night for The Killing's Season 2 premiere, which airs on AMC Sunday, April 1. The actor also spoke briefly about his starring role in the RoboCop remake, where he will play the cop/cyborg Alex Murphy. Here's what he had to say, revealing there will be a few nods to the original RoboCop.

"It's going to have a couple of throwbacks, but it's a re-imagination, man. This director is an amazing and wonderful guy. José Padilha is a wonderful director."
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Yesterday, we reported that Joel Kinnaman revealed his RoboCop suit will have a new feature, a see-through visor where we can see Alex Murphy's eyes. Joel Kinnaman wouldn't elaborate on what kinds of "throwbacks" we should expect in the remake, but they are still working on the look of this crime-fighting cyborg, so it is likely too early to tell right now.

RoboCop won't hit theaters until August 9, 2013, but you can watch Joel Kinnaman as the non-cyborg cop Stephen Holder on The Killing, which debuts Season 2 Sunday, April 1 on AMC.