You'd be hard put to find an actor right now who is busier or more multi-talented than John Cho. The actor/comedian who began is career appearing in American Pie and its theatrical sequels hit comedy gold when he first teamed up with Kal Pen for the now cult classic Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle and it's eventual sequel. But the actor's career really went into warp speed last summer when he played Hikaru Sulu in J.J. Abrams' hugely successful re-imaging of the Star Trek franchise. Cho also has a solid hit on television with ABC's mind-blowing drama Flash Forward, which begins the second half of its first season on March 18th. Last week we had a chance to speak with Chris Weitz about American Pie 4, which is also being called American Reunion. The director explained that he hopes to see the franchise return to the big screen with its original cast and that he would really like Cho to be a part of that. Today we had an opportunity to spend a few minutes with John Cho while on the set of his drama Flash Forward and asked him about his interest in returning for American Pie 4, when Star Trek 2 will begin shooting, the upcoming A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas and if he feels that he is responsible for all of Neil Patrick Harris' success. Here is what the talented actor had to say:

Chris Weitz mentioned recently that he'd like to return to the "American Pie" franchise for a new theatrical film and would like to bring you back into the fold with him, is that something you'd be interested in doing?

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John Cho: Won't do it! No, I'm just kidding.

Has he contacted you or discussed it with you yet?

John Cho: You know I haven't seen Chris in a while. He has not reached out to me nor has anyone else.

Is "American Pie 4" something you would be interested in doing?

John Cho: Sure, I have a lot of affection for that franchise. If Chris is involved, and I don't know how actively he is going to be involved in it, but if he is involved then I would be really interested in it just because if Chris is going back to it in a more active way then that says a lot.

Have you seen a script yet for "Star Trek 2" or do you know when that may start shooting?

John Cho: No and no. I know that we're making one but that's kind of all I know at this point. It seems like that cast is particularly busy. There are some desk calendars that need to get arranged before we can start shooting?

Are you excited for the chance to return to that character and the "Star Trek" franchise?

John Cho: I'm totally excited. You know what it is? I'm excited about getting back together with friends and working on something that we all like. We hang out socially but it's a real special feeling to get together with friends and labor on something, do you know what I'm saying? So I'm excited about it.

But no official start date yet?

John Cho: No, but I know it's happening next year.

But you are doing another "Harold & Kumar" film entitled "A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas," is that correct?

John Cho: That's for the summer. We're supposed to start shooting it this summer, that's the plan and if I'm not mistaken I think they want to release it this Christmas. It's for the families ... for the kids, you know? By the way, did you hear the Neil Patrick Harris song at the Oscars?

Yes. Did you know that he was going to give you a shout-out like that in his song?

John Cho: I did not know that was happening. I was very thrilled. I was like, there's my man. There he is. There goes my man!

Finally, do you take any credit for the amazing success that Neil Patrick Harris has had with his career since he appeared in "Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle?" Do you feel responsible for his success in a way?

John Cho: Yes, I did that personally. He really did us a favor and did that movie. I couldn't be happier for him. If we are at all connected to all the good stuff that's happening with him then I couldn't be more pleased. He deserves it so much. Doesn't he? He's just amazing. He's one of the last true entertainers. The rest of us are just actors I guess? This guy does everything. Did you know he is a magician as well? He's a magician, singer, dancer and an actor. I mean this guy can really do everything.

We will keep you posted on all these upcoming films as more information becomes available and Flash Forward begins the second half of its season March 18th on ABC.